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... was what other people did. But over the last 5 months I've suddenly had these feelings and they're getting a lot worse, a lot more frequent and stronger. I want to know how I can stop feeling this way. ... (36 replies)
She Interested?
Feb 5, 2006
... can give a person a hard shell and make them more apt to use whatever tactics necessary to get ahead in a job, or get support from a new guy. ... (33 replies)
... Some men are so unfair. Sometimes u feel that they just use you and they woud mislead you. I was like that before in my relationship with this guy I really gave my life with.Its really like blood,sweat and tears and I made a lot of sacrifices too. ... (207 replies)

... I've been in your shoes for a long time now. My wife "went crazy" and became an abusive, mean alcoholic. Then she wanted to break up. ... (12 replies)
... specially dealing with the fact that no matter how hard I tried to not think about it, everyone and everything reminds me that he is gone... ... (8 replies)
... IMHO, I think it's the way women or I should say girls are raised and the "programming" we receive as young girls. We were or are programmed that we "need" men in our lives to be able to complete... ... (17 replies)
... no one else would be interested in you so that you will cling to him only and have no life except the life he chooses for you, which does not sound like much of a life. ... (15 replies)
... I've read all these replies, agree with some, not others. here is my take on your situation. your question is about your future? ... (8 replies)
... No honey, you are NOT crazy! You are going through the normal grieving process. I can tell you are young because you mentioned a school function. Well, I am 64 years YOUNG and I'm going through what you are right now. I never thought I COULD fall in love again, but I did. ... (8 replies)
... I'm glad we're both breaking this pattern! No need to waste time on guys who are ambivalent. ... (61 replies)
... inger, recently a couple weeks ago, after me and my ex broke up of three years, which by the way is beautiful and a wonderful person and I ask myself why I broke up with her because she is such a good girl, but we have just had so many bad horrible times and there is just no trust there and we argue constantly... ... (6 replies)
... Come on ... youo don't mean that. You are a much better person. Stop trying to act like a man! ... (85 replies)
... I met my wife 3 years about, and when a so called male "friend" of hers found out that we were dating he decided that was a good time to reveal all of his feelings for her. Of course that caused problems, but we overcame them, eventually got engaged, got married, had a baby. ... (15 replies)
... my ex of 4 years left me for someone else 2 months ago and i am still very much depressed and making myself ill with obsessive thoughts about the two of them together. ... (3 replies)
... You are so young to be with someone that old. Sorry, but to me it would feel weird to be with someone with that age difference. ... (43 replies)
... I ran into his sister whom I had been good friends with. She had been living out of the state and was back for a visit. After listening to what had been going on in her life I asked how her "family" had been doing. She knew that I really meant "how is your brother doing? ... (28 replies)
... I'm 17 right now. I dated this guy back in january of my sophmore year in high school for about 6 and a half months. He was my first kiss and everything else...but we didn't go past 2nd base. I think he was getting kind of restless... ... (5 replies)
... I'm 24 next month. She's turning 21 this fall. We met randomly 6 months ago and hung out a few times and after a couple weeks we had sex and spent the night and realized we really enjoyed eachothers company. ... (10 replies)
Feb 27, 2007
... I've come to realise that I have a difficult time opening up emotionally and believing in my boyfriend. Because of this, I feel miserable quite often, I feel uneasy and insecure in my relationship. ... (8 replies)
Space part 2
Aug 5, 2006
... The Hoopster is not a girlie girl! ... (19 replies)

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