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... i said even my family down there that knows her well, said, atleast give it closure, people on here dont really know her, she gets a thought in her head and runs with it, what if she gets a thought tht says wow i miss eric i want him back? ... (37 replies)
... Hey, wow thanks, we broke up in Sept, talked till October 5, when she found out i snooped, but look what i found out... ... (37 replies)
... Eric, You have been through soooo much. It is so hard. I thought guys had it a bit easier sometimes as they usually keep themselves very busy with 6 other things. Listen to did have closure she told you flat out that it was over. I think that is closure....relationship has ended. ... (37 replies)

... the closure, i need like i said, i love her, and if she was willing to come back, we would have to start all over and seek communication skills, as well as build up trust and feelings, but that may never happen either! So.. ... (37 replies)
... Best of luck. You're not alone! There are a few of us walking arounds with question marks over our heads! ... (37 replies)
... we broke off engagement like after 3 months, i know there is no guy involved. but its very tough living in boston and her in west virginia, Gosh, its soo tough, look at my posts its a mess! ... (37 replies)
... I think she is probably scared to tell you the truth, or isn't ready for marriage, or met someone else. Or maybe there is no reason, she just fell out of love. Hard to know. ... (37 replies)
... hey, thanks, yes i know im trying, trust me its not easy, and im sure she has her rough days too, i didnt do anything wrong, i just never showed my emotions and feelings, like i said we were in a comfort zone, truly were, i mean we would always think the same ****, lol and feel just never say it, i had a good girl, and its just hard to believ she cant handle the pressure and... (37 replies)
... Sad part of relationships is that sometimes... something just... isn't working and no one can fix it. ... (37 replies)
... I hear ya, its tough, not easy, some days are better than others, but we'll make it, i know im a pain in the butt, but sometimes i vent, and i ask my self what in the world did i do wrong, and i cant think of anything other than communication! Heartbreak is tough! (37 replies)
... You've got to stop obsessing eric! Whether you are aware of her reasons or not, trust me, she had them. It doesn't matter anymore "why she broke up" with you. All that matters is she did and you need to accept it. ... (37 replies)
... e Eric....if someone really has feelings for you....and she is young...23 is very young, they don't care what others tell them....if they want you and want to be with you they will no mtater what. Something in her head said...either she isn't ready or she doesn't see this marriage working. It isn't you it is her. ... (37 replies)
... this post, trust me i dont want to be her friend, i truly dont, id love to see her happy, its been 4 weeks since i last heard from her, its apparent she can live with out me, So why be friends, you dont need me in your life if you made it this long, but living Ma and her Wv. ... (37 replies)
... DOESNT MATTER ANYMORE! Move on, heal, focus on YOU, stop asking why or what if or when, and get yourself healthy enough to find someone who actually wants to be with you. ... (37 replies)
... It wasnt a long distance relationship, she was living here, then i moved down there and was living with her, but i dont get why, 2 days before i left down there in sept, She sent me a text reading ''i guessi will 2 live with my decision. ... (37 replies)
... No trust me i dont wait around, its tough thought to get out of my head, but we'll make it im doing better, lol HECK NO, no serious relationship for me, haha trust me on that i will take it that much Slower! ... (37 replies)
... Hey, thanks yes, im 26- she is 23- dated 6 years, if you look at my prior threads, you might think differently, So its very tough, i live in mass, she lives in west virginia, we were together all through college, then got engaged and it went down hill, she moved up here had a good teaching job, and couldnt hack it and went home, the minute her parents dropped her off she was... (37 replies)
... i know the situation is soo weird, like i mentioned to rose, why would she send me the text 2days before i left, and even did everything sexual the night before i left? I mean 6 years is a long time to just end it, based over communication, she does things fast without thinking sometime, So hopefully she is taking this time to really think everything over, but or maybe she... (37 replies)
... Chances are she knows why she ended it she is just either not telling you or you stopped hearing her. If she isnt telling you then she has reason for that. ... (37 replies)
... there was a reason, whether you're aware of it or not..... she probably didn't want to be in a long distance relationship.....I know I wouldn't (37 replies)

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