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... their good intentions. Most people have had breakups, and have gotten over them IN TIME. I wonder how they felt, soon after a breakup, . . . and how well such phrases helped them? ... (47 replies)
... You are so right. The "get over it" has been said to me more than I care to hear, . . . and it is the worst thing to say, in my opinion. It is as if we can just shut our brains off of what happened and start smiling, joking, and acting normal at the snap of a finger. I am sorry for what you're going through. You know I can empathize. And like you, I feel that my... (47 replies)
... LOL I keep getting "he was a jerk and didn't treat you right, why aren't you over him yet?" Keep in mind we split 3 weeks ago and had been together for 4 years. Apparently since he was a jerk to me, causing the breakup, my feelings for him should disappear in a puff of smoke instantly. Would that it could be that way! Fortunately I do have some great supportive friends... (47 replies)

... I wonder why people ususally tend to give short statements that are designed to "make you feel better", after a breakup. I have heard a lot of them, since my breakup, and though I appreciate people's attempt to "make me feel better", I have to wonder how good/true most of them are. I won't get into the statements from my "religious friends", because that's a completely... (47 replies)
... Perhaps I'm coming too late to this thread, but anyway... I can't offer you any better advice on how to deal with these phrases. All I could do is simply to remind you of the wise motto: "This, too, will pass." I mean, these feelings. Yet, one thing that clearly shows through your posts is that you are a special man, for all I know. You have feelings, as most men do, but... (47 replies)
... Hi EDC, I agree such phrases really don't help. I'm sure they mean well, and I'm sure they're right in ways. ... (47 replies)
... don't focus so much on the phrases, but on the people who are trying to make you feel better! They care about you, sometimes maybe they can't find the right words. They're trying to comfort you, that's what's important.....not so much what they say, but how they say it. :angel: (47 replies)
... Redneon, in this place, you can rant all you need to. I'm sorry that you are having to endure this, AND survive a breakup. I can't stand it, most of the time. Once in a while, I do okay, and I can behave close to normal. But I HATE being here. I hate this place. . . .this "prison" of the mind. The reality of it rips me apart. Knowing that tonight, . . . a Friday... (47 replies)
... Grrr...I just got an e-mail from a friend...all she wrote was "are you staying away from ?" Well thanks for asking how I'm doing! I guess she suspects that I'm "sneaking" behind her back and seeing my ex! I'm not, but I guess that's all she's concerned about...not about how I'm feeling, how I'm coping, how I'm doing...makes me feel like she thinks I'm a naughty child... (47 replies)
... ok then.....listen to your brother, he knows what he's talking about! I don't know your brother and I suggested the same thing......funny huh? maybe there's something to it..... you've already got it, what could it hurt? just put the darn thing in your pocket already......LOL (47 replies)
... Actually, my brother suggested it. (47 replies)
... EDC you were led to the rose quartz worry stone for a reason.... now please just put it in your pocket for a while, ok? LOL :angel: (47 replies)
... Actually, I don't mind if the thread gets sidetracked for a bit. Whatever you'd like to include here is fine with me. As I said, my oldest brother and his wife believe in the "power of stones". I've gone to the "New Age" store with them several times and have purchased some stones, . . . but it was based on how neat I thought they looked, not necessarily for any of... (47 replies)
... :) me too. Still, it's a bit of light relief. Sometimes a bit of shameless messing around helps. WOrks for me anyway :) People can help, but I think ultimately (and this applies to me too) you'll only get better as you own mind processes things and begins to understand them. In my view, other people have a great role to play in helping move that understanding along. ALthough... (47 replies)
... Stones can have an affect on you physically if you are sensitive to them. I once picked up a stone and felt a surge of energy (pink calcite I think) and another stone I picked up made me feel so relaxed I could have slumped to the floor. Other stones I've picked up have done zero. This is one of those things that you just can't or won't believe unless you experience it. ... (47 replies)
... I hope my thread doesn't get bogged down by metaphysics debates. :o ;) (47 replies)
... EDC, they don't work. It's pure hokum ;) :D I bet you put yourself under running water every day in the shower. That also takes the negative energy straight out of you - but without the need to carry a rock around with you the rest of the time. Everybody wins! Believe in your own ability to get past your difficulties. A rock won't do it for you. Cheeky monkey in da... (47 replies)
... you don't have to understand how it works..... I don't really understand how electricity works, but when I flip a switch the light comes on. we don't always understand everything in the doesn't mean it doesn't work. so you bought the worry stone, have you carried it around in your pocket at all? Also the stone needs to be cleansed periodically to remove the... (47 replies)
... Yeah, my oldest brother, and his wife, believe in the power of earth minerals/rocks. I found a rose quartz "worry stone" at my brother's local "New Age" store, . . . . but to be honest, though I bought it, I never could understand how it was supposed to actually work. I could say the same about the rhodochrosite. If it actually had some metaphysical properties that helped a... (47 replies)
... I know what you mean. . . . . . EXACTLY what you mean, actually. Here's another one I heard yesterday, . . . "What you just need to understand is, . . . . ". Fill in the blank. It isn't a matter of NOT understanding, . . . but you can't argue with how your heart is hurting. I hope the best for you, Redneon. (47 replies)

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