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... Believe me Brook, the mere possibility is frightening the beJaysus out of me a bit more day on day! Especially as my son is getting taller and more handsome and has to walk within a hundred yards of their home on his way to and from school every day. {{shudder}} So do I! :confused: I'm assuming this little girl was born before you met your partner, was she? ... (50 replies)
... LMAO, oh thank you honey for the laugh, lol, I actually needed that! Sorry for laying this all out here, am just :mad: :mad: :mad: right now (in case anybody didnt notice! lol) Oh yes, indeed he does, in fact I'd say he's feeling a bit leery as I type... Balls? He'll have none of those to call his own is he keeps this messing goin with me... (120 replies)
... Oh hi Brook :wave: Oh he is..:rolleyes: You know, reading your comment there, it hit me for the first time that I was trying to please everyone except myself! I'd have rather'd been tucked up in bed with a good book, never mind all this bleedin my sister/your sister drama! (33 replies)

Sep 11, 2006
... brook65 said: We're not arguing too much given the circumstances. We're able to talk calmly to each other most of the time. It's more difficult because we don't seem to have moved in any direction. She does still say that the biggest part of her wants out but, as I've said, nothing's happened. brook65 said: (66 replies)
Aug 17, 2006
... Some answers..... minnesotagirl said: I hope we are able to work things out. minnesotagirl said: (66 replies)
... Thank you for your replies pendulum, brook, and nina. I appreciate your points of view. Spiteful is a good word for her. I hate to say that about my own sister, but it is true. I use to believe the motivation was the alcohol, but she isn't drinking as much as she use to and the attitude hasn't really changed all that much. My parents, my older brother (who... (10 replies)
... Don't worry, brook65, I won't be telling Natalie anything about the new girl. Whatever happens between us is private and I won't run the risk of allowing her to be used as part of some game between Natalie and myself. I owe her infinitely more than that. I sent a reply to the last message; there wasn't anything to reply to but it was my turn. At the end of the message I... (167 replies)
... Thank you, brook :) You hit the nail on the head there. I have felt that I am not worthy of Natalie and that has been a highly influential factor in my hope that she might one day want me back. Having lost her to some drunken fumble makes it worse than had she been cheating on me with somebody and fallen straight into a new relationship with that person. It says to me that I... (18 replies)
... I'll try! Thanks honey. If you're interested in Buddhism Brook, you should get yourself a copy of 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead'. It's a very beautiful work; it moved me to tears the first time I read it, and that was at the end of the first page! (120 replies)
Jun 25, 2007
... I seem to agree with Brook65. But what do you think (the ladies)? If she gets pregnant and then gives birth, will he be supportive? Will he look at the child as a son (or a daughter) or as an "accident"? Who knows? (12 replies)
... We'll he'd bloody well better get his act together tomorrow Brook, or the only thing he'll be able to think clearly on will be the awful pain from the kick I've landed up his arsehole! That's the mad thing with this man, he often is obsessive but can turn it on and off like a tap. He decided for himself a few weeks back that I was having an affair! I paid a few too... (120 replies)
... I also told him the following night I loved him and didnt want him to leave Brook, so by the time he'd turned up sunday night to collect his stuff I guess it was obvious he listened to what it suited him to hear. So do I Brook, but I also think there are fathers for whom their 'kids' never grow up and adopt this 'peter pan' attitude towards them. The reality is a... (40 replies)
... If it turns out to be the latter Brook, I think I'd probably kick his a$$ out the door. The thoughts of him putting me through all that annoyance, inconvenience and frustration, not to mention exhaustion from pure lack of sleep, all to look 'cool' in front of his friend... Oh, I think he'd be finished. Added to that, he's heading for 40 years of age so that sort of crap I'd... (19 replies)
... Hi Brook65. I am 40 my ex (now on ish....) is 43. We both married young - both stayed with our previous spouses for 16 years and both have three children from our marriages. Neither of us have had other relationships. (13 replies)
Sep 2, 2006
... I'm not too bad, all things considered. brook65 said: When I cancelled the previous week's appointment via phone I arranged this week's session immediately. When we arrived at the centre the counsellor was walking out and looked shocked to see us. She asked who it was we were there to see and when I informed her that we were expecting an appointment with her, she... (66 replies)
... oh wise brook65, ;) that sums up about 80% of the threads around here, :D and the follow up is always, "you don't choose who you're attracted to". (125 replies)
... Brook honey, I am only surprised I didn't catch my heel in the pavement as I was busy locking myself out of my car! Ha ha ha, could you imagine?! :D Thank God for small mercies! All I can say is I am surprisingly relaxed after the exertions of last night and am very much looking forward to tomorrow, and I suppose that's the best a girl can hope for in a situation like this!... (58 replies)
... I know he'll most likely be home by 10pm; that's when I'm planning to arrive. I'll call him before I leave here. There's NO WAY I'm letting him off the hook by dropping his stuff with his brother (no doubt he'd loooooove that :rolleyes:) If he's not home I'm not going anywhere till he is. (58 replies)
... Thanks girls, all of you {{hugs}} He sent me a couple of texts last week Brook, which I ignored for the time being, then responded to the following day, which were then in turn ignored. :rolleyes: I posted them on my last thread. This is just such childish BS. It's been going on nearly two weeks now I think, I haven't been counting the days (how unusual! That's got to... (58 replies)
... Yes, I'm hoping oneday we could talk without her yelling and screaming at me and putting me down. She just has to understand that she's not losing me to my fiance. Infact, I would look at it this way, she's keeping her son and gaining a daughter in law. (10 replies)

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