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... Long story...Currently my husband and I are not on speaking terms with his brother and his wife. ... (7 replies)
... I'm pretty darn sure I would wish I had forgiven the debt and had a relationship with him if I had been in your shoes... ... (7 replies)
... If my husband cheated on me and my sister knew, but didn't tell me, I would have a hard time forgiving her. This is a tough situation for you though. ... (19 replies)

... ate her from us because she would feel the shame of knowing she was staying with him yet again. he has such a hold on her it is just sick! she is going to a T in her town for her self esteem and worth issues which is our only hope, that she will get strong enough to leave him. ... (19 replies)
... if it were me and my friend or sister knew my husband was messing around on me, I would definitely want them to tell me! You have to watch out for those "head in the sand" types because those are the ones that will turn on you if you tell them! I am not that type of person. ... (19 replies)
... Not sure if you have read the situation I am in with my husband or not, but I honestly think I would want to be told ASAP! ... (19 replies)
... i really don't know if it's a good idea to interfere with someone who's in their own space, so to speak. in my experience it has not been. i just don't know what i would do. ... (19 replies)
... a few pages back another poster started a thread that i contributed to where i posted about a porn addict i dated in my 20's. he got in trouble for hanging a girly calendar in his office at work! ... (19 replies)
... If you tell her, be there with your husband. Since he heard it himself from her husband, he should be the one to tell her in the first place. ... (19 replies)
... I have been searching today for answers and saw an earlier post in April about this same thing on this board,,,my situation is a little different than mom23angel, but still just as bad. ... (19 replies)
... Ruth, I'm so sorry about your brother and I hope the doctors are being overly pessimistic...the right doctor can make all the difference...I will be thinking of you and hoping things are good. ... (7 replies)
... Messy, messy situation. Run girl! I would bet you aren't the first girl he has cheated with, and probably won't be the last. How can you now develope the kind of relationship with your bf that would be healthy? ... (22 replies)
... on fighting over a TV that obviously remains in your home!!!!! ... (7 replies)
... I totally agree here with Goody... You and your husband have the nice TV, at the very least when BIL was moving out - it should have been discussed who would keep the TV. SIL had nothing to do with this purchase, and what SIL does with her money is her business regardless if she Has Money or doesn't have money and how she manages her money - This transaction tooked place... (7 replies)
... on fighting over a TV that obviously remains in your home!!!!! The right thing to have done is buy your BIL out of his half once he moved out. ... (7 replies)
... Everyone has made valid points here. There is consideration for a fragile emotional state. You could always frame it this way. Tell her that if she knew that your husband was cheating on you "and ask" "you would tell me wouldn't you?" If she says "of course" then you'll get a better idea on whether she would want to know. For me - no amount of mental turmoil would be... (19 replies)
... I think you are confusing the issues of "principle" and having "consideration" for your sister's well-being. Your sister sounds so fragile that if you told her (judging by the way you described your sister) she could NOT handle the truth. Principles are great if the other person can handle it. Just like I won't tell my 83 year old Mom certain things because I know she... (19 replies)
... BUT with the advice of the therapist....dont say anything. Look, how would you feel if you told and then your sister didn't want to have anything else to do with you. I am sure this man could convince her that you and your hubby are just trying to make trouble for them. I am on the side of not telling. (19 replies)
... If it were my sister, I'd absolutely share what I knew. Now, a friend or colleague, doubtful I'd say anything. I just go back to that whole "blood is thicker than water" thing. (19 replies)
... Just my two cents, but first, yes Cathy is right, you can get herpes through oral sex, and second, if my husband was cheating on my and I found out that my sister knew the whole time and didn't tell me, she would no longer be my sister. (19 replies)

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