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Visit my dad?
Apr 17, 2010
... I don't really expect us to ever have the kind of relationship that I want but I am open to having some kind of a relationship with him. I am just worried that maybe he doesn't want a relationship with me? ... (5 replies)
... I got married 3 years back. Ours was love marriage. Just after marriage I felt a s if the relationship was going down. ... (4 replies)
... campus movie theater to watch a movie. About an hour in, I received an urgent text message from her roommate saying that her brother was at her dorm. We left the theater and headed over to the student center, where she called her brother and asked why he was here. ... (11 replies)

... ell phone, so my fiancee had been having his mom continuously ask her fiance to call him. Well 7 moths came and went and he never once returned the call, but the message was given to him multiple times. ... (18 replies)
... for my boyfriend i am the only relationship he has ever had. while i on the other hand have dated 2 boys in the past, only one being a more serious relationship. ... (11 replies)
... I am a 22 years old guy... I have lots of great friends who are always here for me when I need it... But I think right now they just cant stands listening to my relationship problems anymore... and I undrestand them... My story is probably something realy common... but believe me, for me, its not that simple... ... (7 replies)
... As for the kid wondering why Dad was banished... I'm sure he is wondering and this has got to be hard on him. But I think it will send him a better message years down the line to know the reprocussions of his father's actions. ... (48 replies)
... just make sure you leave the door open for her to do so. Dont push her away, just dont engage in her drama with your sister...dont badmouth her to anyone, your brother included. Simply send her a message now and then saying "Thinking of you. Hope all is well. Call me sometime, Id love to see you" and let her make the next move. ... (5 replies)
... My bf and I have been dating for almost a year and a half. Every time he doesn't call me when he says he's going to or doesn't answer when I call him or something like that, I always think of the worst (like he's dead, or cheating on me). I'm especially keen on the cheating one. I live far away from him and only see him on the weekends. There are a few girls that flirt... (7 replies)
... and wild, and he stands up and claps his hands and points to the sky and starts yelling and gets so crazy about it, it's not pretty. I keep telling him that his message is great, but he loses people because of his delivery, but he just doesn't get it. Which goes back to emotional connection. ... (179 replies)
Mid-life Crisis
Sep 9, 2003
... brother relationship by that point. He found passion too, so I think we were all much better off. ... (16 replies)
Dec 6, 2006
... I have a brother who is in his early 30s and is scaring me. He is married with a 2 year old child. His relationship with his wife, brothers, and sisters is extremely strained. He quickly snaps at anyone with a contrary opinion to his own. ... (10 replies)
Need help
May 18, 2009
... saying he was deeply disturbed because of the message I sent to him. ... (23 replies)
... I am so tired mentally when it comes to my own family, the words that come to mind are drama, anxiety, messed up relationships- it seems its stressful for me to have any interaction with them and although i love them beyond words i think thats why it causes me so much pain to see them unhappy or behave the way they do. This morning i had six missed calls from a brother... (10 replies)
Need to share
Jul 1, 2007
... I sent Natalie a text message to thank her for the phone call and to apologise for being a bit weird when I told her about the baby. ... (28 replies)
... MAybe thats what hurts so much now. Thats down right wrong! when i read that message i wanted to call him and yell at him for how sick it was for him to even say that. But idk about it, i should probably leave it alone. ... (8 replies)
... ted your wife out of time that could have been spent talking to her. I hope things do work out for you but I must say, in my opinion, you really did damage your relationship with your wife. Trust is hard to rebuild especially if your wife suspects you were cheating. Its going to be a long road for you. ... (146 replies)
... Hi, My relationship with partner is going down hill and i suppose im on here seeking some clarity, advice or even just someone who will listen. ... (3 replies)
... I met her on May 7th, we were love bugs since day one. I met her online, through my brother for some university related stuff. We used to talk everyday, for hours at ends, till the early hours of the morning. ... (6 replies)
... I'm coming in a bit late on this one, but yes, you're right, sugarpye. A relationship is like a plant. You need to feed it and nurture it in order for it to grow. It sounds like your friend is just no longer willing to feed this relationship. ... (26 replies)

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