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... parent with 2 wonderful kids and a great relationship with my straight A 17yo daughter and her younger brother with Down syndrome. I try to be present and aware in a relationship but not overly demanding. ... (25 replies)
... They are MY friends, not his! In fact, we went to a broadway show together recently. My brother and I had bought my parents tickets for one of their birthdays but my mom got sick and couldn't go. Rather than waste the tickets, I went in her place. ... (11 replies)
... Dear Larrylou’smom, Thanks for your good wishes about my SIL and my brother. I had what should have been a good day today, because I went round the house fixing lots of things I’ve wanted to do for ages, thinking: ‘Ah, that looks better! I love this house!’ But all the time I was wondering how I explain this woman’s monstrous conduct to her husband, my brother, without... (96 replies)

... You make me feel bad about my dd being an only child. Same things lot of people told me. My mother is very sick and it would be terrible if I will be the only child. It would be bad for her either. To be realistic I don't see how we can handle one more baby. We are old age parents and I don't see how we can handle it phisically or financially. Hopefully she'll be closed to... (22 replies)
... As a kid I always wanted a brother or sister, my mom thought she was pregnant when I was 12, I cried my heart out when I found out she wasnt..... ... (22 replies)
... telling her that I passed her email off to my brother and its out of my hands. Throw out the email address and go about my day... get to work open the laptop, go about my day... ... (146 replies)
... I'm 22,my boyfriend is 20 we have an 8 month old daughter, we've had problems in our relationship before our daughter was born, mostly communication and he didn't want to do anything that involved money so we got bored quick, different interests was definitely a thing. At the time he was an apprentice butcher and I was an apprentice chef so our schedules were different I'm... (3 replies)
... ve hardly ever sought a relationship with the same wholeheartedness as the other things. ... (157 replies)
... hey, thanks, yes, hopefully everything works out for the best, but right now its just soo hard, lol, i come in here and plead my case and it sounds worse than what it is, some day she will realize i hope but if not oh well, Some day become friends (10 replies)
... need to text him to brag about a new Jaguar she just bought with the help of her new rich, powerful lover who hugged her and patted her butt right in front of my brother while they were still together. ... (10 replies)
... I have been in a relationship for the past 7 years with a man I will refer to as Funnyface who is 10 younger than I. We met in a chatroom in AOL. ... (8 replies)
... I have thoughts concerning domestic violence, and exactly what it could mean in my life. I have been told that domestic violence against the woman blights one relationship in five, but now learn that it is a staggering one in four! ... (96 replies)
... I've stated this in the past but it's been some time, one of the most trying challenges in my relationship with my fiance is the difference in our 'religious' outlooks. ... (15 replies)
... d never love ANY other man again under any circumstances, because there was no way anything could undermine our relationship because of the intense and highly unusual love that linked us. ... (178 replies)
Aug 11, 2003
... truggling here. I've been going out with my girlfriend for nearly a year now. She seems like the sweetest human being in the world and I truly love her. I was in relationship in which I was lied to and cheated on. I'm fearing old fears are reapearing. ... (4 replies)
... It was 3 years ago when I met bf. He was so great. Of course, he somewhat pressured me into a relationship with him while I was still confused about a previous relationship that had not been over for even a month. After I told him that I need more time he said that he loved me and the he understood. How could he do that? ... (15 replies)
... treats me like "the other woman" when it comes to the relationship I have with my father. I am not even welcome in their home unless she is there. ... (28 replies)
Too picky??!!
Feb 9, 2009
... and if its not that, is there some other vibe or message that you give off? ... (47 replies)
... is very insightful. For all I know, you could have been a fly on the wall throughout the duration of my relationship with Natalie! ... (64 replies)
Contacting a guy
Mar 18, 2006
... He called a few weeks later to ask me to a concert at our hometown, but I didn't get the message until days later because I rarely use my cell phone. Nobody calls me on it except him because he doesn't have long distance service. ... (13 replies)

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