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... hes extremely loud and always has his door open. I have always noticed gay tendencies but I have never considered him being gay because he has a girlfriend. ... (16 replies)
... You said the things you don't like about him don't have to do with him being gay, yet your headline reads "Yet Another Roomate Issue.....Gay? ... (16 replies)
... My roomate just told me he was gay a few days ago, it seems I made an accurate assessment. ... (16 replies)

... Im not going to move out, our lease is up in a few month anyways. The things I dont like about him dont have to do with him being gay. I understand candles and cooking dont necessarily mean someones gay. (16 replies)
... I'm a gay guy and I dont moisturise, pamper myself, talk with a lisp, act femeninely, listen to "femenine" music as you call it. ... (16 replies)
... Rock Hadson was gay, you would never tell it by looking at him. I wouldn't say that person is necessary gay from what you describe. It shouldn't bother you anyway. ... (16 replies)
... As far as I can see, question (gay?) asked and answered. (16 replies)
... Wow, no wonder they were arguing all the time! (16 replies)
... In addition to telling me he was gay he said his girlfriend was a front he used in order to not have his sexuality questioned. ... (16 replies)
... Yea I shouldnt have classified it as an "issue" because its not. Basically, I am just asking you guys if you think hes gay based on my description. ... (16 replies)
... on gay since he has a girlfriend, regardless of how much they argue. ... (16 replies)
... Or maybe he's a closet gay and has feelings for the poster's ex boyfriend? ... (10 replies)
... His roomate was getting out of the Navy and was leaving for Arizona right before my husband got back, and needed a place to live until he left. ... (39 replies)
... this is an odd discussion full of contradictions lol :rolleyes: (16 replies)
... Just throwing this in even if a bit after the fact. My brother is straight single dad who has custody of his son. Now he like candles as much as I do. Second he cooks and enjoys it. So candles and cooking doesnt mean a whole lot when it comes to one's sexuality. (16 replies)
... What you gonna do? Move out or leave it like it is? (16 replies)
... But he has a girlfriend??:confused: (16 replies)
... No, it's probably not, lol. I'm still curious as to why it is an issue though. Would it bother you to be sharing a roof with a bisexual guy? I wouldnt care less if it came to a room-mate, but I couldnt have a sexual relationship with a bisexual man, to be honest. (16 replies)
... Lol. I dont think I will be doing that. Its probably not a good idea because I live with the guy. Its not like I wont see him again after I ask him. (16 replies)
... They're BOTH perfectly sculpted! I have never dated anyone that sculpted, to be honest. Normally, it would be flattering, but now I don't even know what to think!!! LOL On a brighter note, at least I know his roommate is dating like crazy. Mostly much younger women too. so I have some hope he's straight, at least! (113 replies)

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