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... Oh my god Suzy I am so sorry that your suspcions were correct! It breaks my heart to hear of someone being cheated on in this manner because it happened to me, too! My boyfriend had a nine month long affair with this woman he worked with. ... (76 replies)
... trust me it SUCKS to be broken up with by the written word. especially if there has been no hint of a breakup coming. you don't have to help him through the emotions of breaking up, but at least give him a goodbye. ... (41 replies)
... making seems silly and unnecessary at this point, and realistically, it doesn't sound like there's any way her husband will even want to smooth things over and part on good terms right after she says she's leaving. ... (41 replies)

... speaking as someone who does not want an animal in my house for the pure reason that I do not want to be 'tied' down and limited to what i can do because of my care for it, I totally relate to your wife. If my partner, against my wishes, did that to me, you can guarantee I would resent him royally. ... (48 replies)
... Lysander, your story made me feel so bad for your mom, but also for you and your sister. Don't blame yourself in any way because you didn't know better at the time. My 7 year old son told me today that I am lazy. ... (56 replies)
... After reading your post and a response on Artista's thread I felt compelled to respond. ... (15 replies)
... My girls keep me busy and help me keep my mind of of my husband. The only time it kills me is when my 3 yr old is apologizing to me because her daddy is gone so much. ... (24 replies)
... wife!! If you mother in law truly had her grandson's best interest at heart, she would have spoken with you and asked how you felt about you going with your husband to this meeting. ... (10 replies)
... psycho stalker in that he suddenly didnt want me around other men. I worked and went to school and it drove him nuts to think of me around guys all day. ... (48 replies)
... My husband naturally is drawn to fall asleep on the couch to the TV. In his case I believe it's a matter of lifestyle. While growing up his mom used to do it often so that's probably where he picked it up. I think this is very unhealthy. ... (17 replies)
What to do?
Oct 11, 2009
... Well i've wandered in at the tail end of this story but i'll give my ten cents worth anyway. ... (61 replies)
... If you do not try to save your marriage before throwing in the towel, you might find yourself somewhere down the road wondering "what if? ... (15 replies)
... I do admire your stance, simplyj, though it sort of sounds like perhaps you do love your husband, maybe more than you know. ... (37 replies)
... These are not major issues. Most people who get divorced have the issue of being together for a long time, owning a home, etc.. What to do? ... (35 replies)
... As far as woman of steel, far from it. Just someone who keeps getting run over by the steam roller and going back because I wasn't sure it was a steam roller. ... (15 replies)
... SOME PEOPLE can have a bit of resentment and jealousy over their mates past. I myself had sometimes wished while dating my husband that he hadn't been with other girls before me, or that I had known him when he was younger. ... (37 replies)
May 5, 2008
... So far from it because of all the resentment i feel. . and i guess when theres a big issue the first thing you wonder is if its ever going to get solved. ... (9 replies)
Nice skirt
Mar 28, 2007
... e. I brought up the fact that I was still hurt and angry about 18 months after I found out my bf had cheated on me and he said "I wish you'd let it go, I'm sick of paying for that over and over". ... (77 replies)
... Trust is earned, not given. At the beginning of a relationship, you do your best to judge that persons character, moral values, and honesty... and you have to give them "the benefit of the doubt". ... (45 replies)
... to say, hey, I don't want you to go touch naked women. However, I do think that women should express their views on this BEFORE it happens, rather than holding your feelings inside and letting your resentment build over time. But since didn't, I don't see why you should have to keep quiet now just to prove you're secure. ... (38 replies)

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