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... he told me today that i needed to get over everything and show him I love him or he couldnt be married to me. I told him I couldnt just get over everything and I told him to leave. We work together so I dont know how tomarrow will go. ... (29 replies)
... one else would have you, controlling your relationships with friends and ruining them, then putting the ball in your court to get over your complaints or you may not be together. Pure emotional blackmail. I'd say your complaints are a good reason NOT to be together. ... (29 replies)
... ore. I have told him everything i am feeling, he has been pushing me to tell him whats on my mind every minute, he says he is not controlling and that i need to get over my past resentments or we can not be together. I would go on a girl trip if i had any friends. ... (29 replies)

Can I get over it?
Nov 27, 2005
... I am new to this, but find that the only way I feel somewhat normal is to talk about it often. I have been married for a little over 1 year and have been with the guy for a total of 5 years. I am begininning to wonder if I should've ever married him. ... (9 replies)
... I don't blame you for the resentment. He's very controlling. Do you want to stay married to him or do you want to leave? (29 replies)
... ys that to keep you right there and settling. I have no doubt he loves you, he love his control and women easy to control are hard to find. He dont want to start over just like you dont. ... (29 replies)
... family together to hold it all in place to never want to live like that...Of course there was a lot more that happened...But, remember at your age that starting over is not that bad and you may find that the kids might feel a lot of pressure off from them... ... (29 replies)
... Can a woman get over that? ... (10 replies)
... REDNEON82:..hey you sure our EX's weren't brothers..LOL....That fits a real good description of my EX.....What I never could figure out was his wife of 17 yrs prior stayed w/ him, of course she said for the kids, but yet she told me the kids suffered, but at least she finally got out, but she said she wish she would have done it different because it is harder when your older... (29 replies)
... Please do yourself a favor. Mabe, go back to school to make sure you can support yourself and get out of this controlling relationship. Too late for me, but not too late to get out, which I'm working on. It gets so much worse as you get older. ... (29 replies)
... has you where he wants you and he knows other people are "opening" your eyes. He wants them to stay closed so anyone opening them and giving you any idea he will get rid of. People are just trying to help you, he must really can tell your own courage and when you have been talking to others. ... (29 replies)
... situation. You can stand up for yourself once and for all and tell him that you're done being treated this way. You have to stop letting him manipulate you and get into your head and make you doubt everything. ... (29 replies)
... Stop being manipulated by this guy and get out, get some friends back, etc. You're only 25. Listen to the older people here who've ended up wanting to relive their earlier lives! ... (29 replies)
... It sounds like he will continue to get worse and worse and I am sure it has progressed slowly but surely. Remember one thing, a man can only do what you allow him to do. ... (29 replies)
... Is there any legal way for you to get the money back from your ex, I wonder? ... (5 replies)
... I can somewhat feel your pain, as I am now 23 and the oldest of four boys (though my situation is nowhere near as extreme as yours). I do feel envious sometimes that my 14 year old brother is out at all hours of the night doing what he pleases basically and that when I was that age I had a 10 o'clock curfew and restrictions out the ying yang. It's just a part of being... (5 replies)
... An ex and I have remained friendly over the years, sometimes in each others lives and sometimes not. ... (2 replies)
... times to spend time together and see if we could reconcile, but I found that almost more painful. I still felt like nothing had changed and he just wanted us to get back together. I didn't feel that he WANTED anything to be different. ... (18 replies)
... Funny u post this today, my dad has been married to my mom for 29 yrs. Over the yrs she has progressivley gotten worse, worse to the point that my dad was ready for divorce. ... (17 replies)
... even an option on a legal standpoint, the court system would determine that. That is a very ineffective way of communicating. Threatening someone is not going to get you what you want, it's actually counterproductive, and will push them away eventually. ... (5 replies)

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