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... I don't think you can get totally rid of bad memories. All of us must go through bad experiences and no wonder all of us have bad memories, too. ... (13 replies)
... just the two of you. Be pleasant. Don't attack. Tell her you understand that she has fond memories associated with these pictures and you AREN'T asking her to get rid of them. You don't even care how often she looks at them when you aren't around. ... (33 replies)
... at to do. Also, please consider what I said earlier, every special thing I had growing up was tossed as soon as I left for college. Wouldn't those things be fond memories for a mother, especially since I am an only child and they live in a huge house? ... (33 replies)

... method, but the trouble is that I have an underlying tendency to obsessive bad thoughts that can bother me so much I have to guard against them permanently. ... (13 replies)
... I'm thinking this through, because certainly problems with overcoming bad thoughts are something I've had to wark on a lot harder than some other people, to judge by the sound of it. ... (13 replies)
... Do you remember before when I told you that you need to get angry and stay angry? ... (35 replies)
... orry for that woman and not let her thoughts invade my own space. She sounds like a sad, embittered person with a negative view on life. When confronted with the memories of her, just force yourself to think about how sorry you feel for her attitude, for her outlook on life, that you hope she is having a better time nowadays. ... (13 replies)
... Damn those warm fuzzy memories. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a list of all the really hurtful things that happened. ... (35 replies)
... to do your own thing! And that was in the bad old days of typewriters, which made it even harder! No simple ways of editing anything! ... (13 replies)
... From time to time I suffer from repeated bad thoughts. ... (13 replies)
... the only family member you get to pick! ... (13 replies)
... t paralysed, but to listen to her, you would have thought it was the end of my active life, with no future of any kind in front of me! I tried every which way to get her to let me cheer up. Nothing worked. ... (13 replies)
... ng him. Really missing him. Not a strong and deep kinda missing him pain but just missing. Right now, as happymom described, all those wam and fuzzy feelings and memories are drifting into my thoughts. ... (17 replies)
... I think TAH gave you great advice, and I agree 100%. While I know your friends mean well, their comments are ultimately not good for you. Instead of giving you hope that your ex will magically realize what a blind, selfish, idiot he's been to let you go, they should be congratulating you on having the wisdom and strength to let him go when you did. I think your ex is... (9 replies)
... as for him wanting you to get rid of all your old bf's stuff. thats not a bad thing to want someone to do. my bf and i did just that when we moved in together. ... (26 replies)
... Hi Rosequartz and everyone else, :wave: I was going to tell you more about artwork, because so many people insist on telling me I am talented and they canít paint or draw a thing. All children draw and paint. I donít believe I was any better than anyone else, but at the age when most folk say: ĎItís no good! I canít do this!í I had the idea that I could draw. I donít... (13 replies)
... Great news! There's nothing like positive good thoughts to push out the negative ones! :angel: (13 replies)
... Thanks! I had a good experience today and I'm feeling rather different! It's too late at night to tell you now, Rosequartz, but maybe that's broken the thought obsession this time - if only I knew it would never come back! (13 replies)
... ooohhh this is a different woman? LOL do tell! glad to hear you've painted some beautiful pieces of art! I'm not the least bit creative and i really admire people who are! (13 replies)
... A therapist once recommended what rose said to me. Think of a stop sign and yell "stop" if you are alone. If you aren't alone then just think the word "stop" in your head. He also said that when possible you could add a physical aspect to it like slapping your leg hard or pinching yourself. (13 replies)

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