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... and that love has since become deceptive and we painfully went our separate ways, and he is now still with the girl that he broke up with me for. ... (40 replies)
... me you're not really in love with Keith. You may love him for all he gives you and how devoted he is to you, but you're not in love with him. It could be neither of these guys is the man you should spend the rest of your life, hard to tell with just the information you've given us. ... (7 replies)
... I also got rid of my narcissistic ex after many years of struggle. ... (24 replies)

... If I had been thinking for someone for over even a month and at the time was not attached to anyone serious, I would contact them so it would give my an idea of what the other person was like at that time and what they wanted in life and if I still really wanted them? ... (40 replies)
... times already, but always stopped short of doing so because of the guilt. I will try to be as concise as possible, but please read the whole post! ... (25 replies)
... Boy, can I ever relate!!!!!!! I am in my 40's and went out with my first love for almost 6 years. We began dating the summer before my senior year of high school and he was my first kiss, my first everything. We were together all of our free time and fell in love within a few months. ... (40 replies)
... Where to begin.....I really just need to get this off my chest and tell SOMEONE. I can't talk to my friends about this. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Cathy, thanks for the tip. I don't have a list written down but do certainly remember all the crappy things she did. That caused a problem in itself when I get really annoyed at how she could be so ruddy awful and then just swan off and get away with it. ... (24 replies)
... nd carefree... but you can still recreate those moments with your wife... maybe just in a different way with newer more wonderful memories. It is really sad when someone holds onto a past love with hopes that that person will one day come around... ... (40 replies)
... I think that's a big clue, and something you need to pay attention to. I can't tell you why you dream about marrying someone you say you're not really "into a relationship" with. ... (7 replies)
... To Calmbloke and Emoprairiedog, I think the worst part of the fallout is being left unable to trust your own instincts. ... (24 replies)
... rself happy. Not this woman and not this man for me. That is my challenge right now. I neglected so many things while I was distracted by him..and it was a waste of my time. Stop wasting your time and get busy in the present moment now. can linger in the past a bit..but don't dwell in it. ... (24 replies)
... Do you think this might not be the right thing emailing your married ex for whom you still have feelings for? Wouldnt you be upset if you were in his wife's shoes??? Have you thought about that? (40 replies)
... mail him. If she is registered and has posted a profile about her life, you may be able to find the answers to some of the questions that you had. Do you live in the same town or state that you went to high school in? ... (40 replies)
... Im not sure why you actually broke up with her but first start a list. Sounds goofy but nothing worked better for me then a journal of how I felt because of how my ex treated me. I'd list off the bad things that he did to me... ... (24 replies)
... and decided he'd rather be with her than commit to working out our problems. He would say how he loved me, that we were so lucky we'd found each other, etc. ... (5 replies)
Can I get over it?
Nov 27, 2005
... but find that the only way I feel somewhat normal is to talk about it often. I have been married for a little over 1 year and have been with the guy for a total of 5 years. I am begininning to wonder if I should've ever married him. ... (9 replies)
... flames may be likely to find that remark a bit cutting, but I have to say I'm in full agreement with it. I'll give you some perspective here from the other side of the fence. ... (40 replies)
... oat you're in. I dated a guy while I was in college 25 years ago. I graduated before he did and a "friend" moved in and as she told me "did whatever it took to get him" and was successful. They married 21 years ago. I met someone else and married 20 years ago. For the last 25 years I've thought about him. ... (40 replies)
... dont know what to do anymore about my ex. cant get her out of my head no matter how hard i try. it was a horrible relationship that lasted about 3 years and sometimes picks up and keeps on going again. ... (7 replies)

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