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... something along the lines of "if I tell you how I feel you'll just say it's stupid that I'm still here." I've never actually said anything of the sort to her. Anyway, it is by indirect comments like that the some kind of truth seeps out. ... (26 replies)
... As far as woman of steel, far from it. Just someone who keeps getting run over by the steam roller and going back because I wasn't sure it was a steam roller. ... (15 replies)
... Yes I have genetic balding. My dad went bald at a very young age. I noticed my hairline starting to recede at 16. I started on Propecia at the age of 19, it held my hair for a good decade...and it bit more, but it was still slowly going. ... (113 replies)

... Do you feel compelled to help people solve their problems or by trying to take care of their feelings? ... (17 replies)
... Well first of all, happy birthday!! ... (8 replies)
... o drastic. Im still in love with who he was and what we had. So I tell myself that Im better off now, I just doubt it sometimes when I feel alone. I feel like my head knows exactly how to think, feel and what to do, but my emotions make me doubt myself. ... (54 replies)
... your mother also can contribute to baldness gene as well, if she has 1 normal and 1 mutant, and your dad has a balding gene, your more likey to have it. if your dad balds early, its a sign. ... (113 replies)
... Again it sounds like this problem of your unhappiness was long before the cheating and although it may sound nice that this guy may seem like your answer to your happiness, it sounds like you need to find yourself all over again. ... (52 replies)
... Thanks emoprairiedog, your first paragraph in particular strikes a chord for sure! Any little thing and hey presto I'm at fault. ... (4 replies)
Hes been calling
Feb 7, 2008
... d I still feel this way. I don't want to have any emotion towards him at all. But I just feel so sad, angry, frustrated and very stupid.I don't want to ride this out anymore. ... (104 replies)
... That is a good topic. It seems like picking someone who is a good provider is the smart thing to do. I wish I could think more with my head and not my heart. The balance between the head and heart seems so hard to find! ... (24 replies)
... asked me out. I've known him for years.....I married at 14, was married 26 years, and we all used to get together as a family for various things. Well, I just thought once we got past "remember when" that nothing would come of it. ... (8 replies)
... I'm also worried that he is going to get a girl pregnant. ... (13 replies)
... Hey supertrooper, slowly seeing the point you were trying to make...occasionally stuff wizzes over my head and my brain's too slow to realize it!! LOL As far as taking responsibility, it's all subjective right now. ... (22 replies)
... I was dishonest about my 2 children which i brought into the relationship at the beginning. I had some "abuse issues" which I did not want to really get into and although i know it was wrong to be dishonest, I came clean about it right after I moved into his house. ... (20 replies)
... I appreciate the effort and encouragement. I shaved my head again. I personally do not think it looks bad. I can look at myself and smile. But to the majority of the outside world I don't met the criteria of attractiveness for a partner. I am going to change some things. ... (113 replies)
... I call you son because you are almost the same age of my youngest son. I'm not joining in to change your mind. I believe you can only be who you perceive yourself to be and nothing more. ... (113 replies)
... theres a lot of late nights!! ... (4 replies)
... od that you're not sitting inside and feeling sorry for yourself as long as you're not doing it just to prove a point. I see a very intelligent, mature and aware of himself person who really tries to work accordingly and take the steps forward. ... (13 replies)
... Over the past couple of weeks things have spiralled down slightly. ... (13 replies)

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