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... Brad, I think there is some sort of obsession within this friendship. I have been there with an ex of mine as well. The only difference is we became very respectful to one another after we became just friends. ... (5 replies)
... As Marilyn says.....try to tell us more about what happened and let us help you with picking yourself back up after going through all this. That's exactly what you need to focus on right now. ... (13 replies)
... From personal experience.. I got my ex back. And I even made an OLD ex of mine want me back. I don't want to tell you this.. ... (13 replies)

... If your ex is with someone, he has made the choice to do so. There is nothing you can do to get him back. We are not trying to be cruel, just trying to help you get through this and understand that you have NO control over other people's feelings and actions. ... (13 replies)
... I can understand the difficulties associated with seeing your son, and I am very sorry that your ex has created such obstacles to you being in regular contact with him. ... (70 replies)
... okay then. you have to send the email. Start it now...end it tonight. Read it through 2X and hit send. speak from your heart...if this falls apart you did the right thing from the get go. are too good to settle....and you are settling if it is just FWB with her. ... (130 replies)
... Whatever you ask for in this life is what you will get. Simple as that.So if you want your ex back then you will get him back its the way the Universe is set up, its the rule, the rule of attraction. ... (25 replies)
... ork, but obviously he doesn't. It takes two people to make a relationship work, and he is investing his time in a new relationship now. If you need him around in your life, you may have to just settle as friends... he has chosen to be with someone else, and if you really love him, you have to accept and respect that. ... (13 replies)
... I'm glad that you have thought about this and have raised your issues with his mom, and that you are comforted by her answers. Again, reading your second paragraph it could have been me writing those exact words, so I hope I can help. ... (27 replies)
... And I don't mean, "I'll remain friends with her until she decides to get back with me." I mean, "I'll remain friends with her because I JUST want to be friends...and nothing more!! ... (13 replies)
... I like your letter idea. That may prove to be the medicine that I'm in need of. I definately wouldn't send it though. ... (28 replies)
... aww..poor tell you the truth. i believe that most people are going thru the same thing. it is very hard for many of us to get over our "first" love. is sad to say but i too, am going thru the same exact thing... ... (25 replies)
... first bf. I met him when I was 18 and we dated on and off for 4.5 years. At 18 how much do you really know about what you want in a partner, especially when its your first relationship? ... (4 replies)
... Anyway, back to answering your questions. ... (28 replies)
... r almost 3 years. We loved each other very much, and I always thought that we will always be there for each other, and even if we break up , we will find ways to get back together again...but guess what? ... (28 replies)
... So, maybe your ex feels the same way. And if he doesn't now, he might some day. I think after my ex and I first broke up, I wanted her back, mostly because I was afraid of being alone. ... (13 replies)
... It can take days or years. Don't beat yourself up thinking there's something wrong with you, because you're still hung up on her. It's ok. She was a big part of your life. You've formed an attachment to her and now, she decides to up and leave. Of course, you're going to be devastated! ... (13 replies)
... the guy, was just trying to rebound, and he said he just wanted to stay friends and didn't want emotional attachment. I was like, same here! I was just following your lead, what are you talking about? ... (15 replies)
... answer your question, it's so obvious that if something were meant to be you would be with your ex right now and so would Nini. ... (174 replies)
... I agree with most of the posts....keep the pics! I kept pictures of my ex, and when I look back at them, and feel nothing, it gives me that security of how over him I really am! You WILL regret it if you throw them out... ... (20 replies)

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