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... all the newness. A lot of women would take offense to the suggestion that you have a relationship based on sex and nothing else. ... (26 replies)
... Well, personally, I think words you used like "lazy" and "jealousy" don't exactly bode well for a nice ending on both sides. ... (20 replies)
... smoothly without either person getting hurt? ... (20 replies)

... I think what I've realized about the 'firends with benefits' thing is that some guys give off the vibe that they are the type to get involved in one and others do not and women will pick up on that. ... (26 replies)
... only he was someone I worked with, so I knew him a little. We were VERY physically attracted to one another.......he didn't want anything more... ... (26 replies)
... OKAY to have a friends with benefits relationship with someone IF your're both on the same level!!! Meaning you both TOTALLY understand that you two will basically be having sex, and that's it. ... (25 replies)
... YOu do make some excellent points, Goody, as usual. What I put in my profile is a "friend with benefits type thing to start with" and then if it turned into something more, that would be even better. ... (576 replies)
... Good plan, Ge! And it's especially encouraging that this guy already called twice, despite proclaiming to only want a casual thing! Just keep your cool and you never know. ... (576 replies)
... Raj called me again tonight! He's going out of town this weekend to California. He said to visit a "friend" and his cousins. I'm wondering if he has a girl out there? ... (576 replies)
... Then, when where there was a commercial, we started getting into it and did get intimate. It was even better than the last time, except for one difference. AFterward, he got up and went back down to watch the game! ... (576 replies)
... you never know if she has a friend in the room watching along with her, that you might not know about.......maybe that's why she didn't participate? ... (27 replies)
... Ahhh...well that's a little tougher when you have someone specific in mind as it all depends on the individual. ... (26 replies)
... I couldn't agree more with what Stacy says!!!! You are gettting caught up in the passion of everything and not even listening to your own voice of reasoning. ... (576 replies)
... I'm looking for a stormy, lusty, passionate love affair for now. If it turns into something long term, then great. If not, that's all right too. ... (576 replies)
... I don't see how a woman can blame a man for hurting her when the man was upfront and honest from the beginning. When a man says he wants to be "friends with benefits" and the woman agrees to those terms, then she knows exactly what she's getting into. ... (20 replies)
... So we hung out yesterday. I promised I would call him wednesday, and so when I called he was on the phone with his mom, and would call me back. So being that I held up my end of the bargain I got dressed and started to head down to the gym. ... (20 replies)
... called "relationship". I would just distance myself and call it a day. ... (36 replies)
... It's definetly true that if this guy was really crazy about you then he wouldn't be able to get enough of you, and he'd want to be with you as much as possible. I agree that the whole "I'm broke" and "I'm not a phone guy" are just a bunch of convenient, well thought out excuses. ... (36 replies)
... Sounds like you're a bit confused about what you want. ... (43 replies)
... Some of you may know about a male friend of mine who has periodically been a "friend with benefits" to a degree, though I've madeup my mind that part's over. ... (30 replies)

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