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... forward to 20 years from now, part of me can try to relate to what you're going through. ... (40 replies)
... I also got rid of my narcissistic ex after many years of struggle. ... (24 replies)
... To Calmbloke and Emoprairiedog, I think the worst part of the fallout is being left unable to trust your own instincts. ... (24 replies)

... my heart really goes out to you. I am not religious myself but I think it's important that you have an inner source of strength to rely on during tough times no matter what it might be. ... (17 replies)
... Thanks everyone for the replies so far. It feels good to get this off my chest and get some feedback. All of my friends that I can talk to are also my ex's friends, so I've been trying to keep this to myself as much as I can for now. ... (11 replies)
... t doing you any good, because it's keeping you focused and dwelling on something in the past that you can't change. Besides, asking and wondering "why" about any of this is only going you leave you confused, frustrated, and without any more answers than you've ever had. ... (79 replies)
... this. "Let me treat you like crap and dump all over you, or I don't want you around at all." I lost my best friend because, well it's a long story, but she sort of kicked me out of her life. ... (17 replies)
... if we have to settle as distant friends, then maybe that's best. But I don't want him out of my life. And I just apologized to him for not considering his feelings. I think I was just focused on protecting myself this time around... ... (15 replies)
... Gees, getting entangled with exes is hard. ... (15 replies)
... wind romance of spending almost every day together, etc, ect, and I am sure that we had problems right from the start but were involved with each other to notice. ... (12 replies)
... No job, no school. No wonder he was possesive. You were the only wonderful thing that hes ever had. Instead of cherishing you, taking you out on dates, and treating you with respect he belittles you in order to try and bash your self esteem so you never leave. Men like this are very scary. ... (13 replies)
... I won't presume to speak for LMH or anyone else, but when I think of my ex and how I'm dealing with all of this, I don't think of it as me standing out in the rain holding my heart out, and him passing it by. Although, I suppose there is an element of that in the situation, now that I see it as I type it out. ... (67 replies)
... I feel like I've come through some very dark rain clouds over the last couple of weeks, and just little by little I'm starting to break through into sunshine, I really am. ... (15 replies)
... Hi Nini! I am really glad you've been getting out with your friends...and yes, they are your friends! ... (30 replies)
... ll think about my first love on a regular basis. I did not used to until I became very unhappy in my marriage. Now that things are better, I'm starting to think of him less. I can not even imagine how hard it would have been for me if I had seen him again and he still looked good!! ... (182 replies)
... You're going to be okay again in time...I'm glad to hear you've started to confide in your family about what went on, as I think it's really important to be able to vent and get out all your feelings when you need to as you try to move past this. ... (74 replies)
... ing before i left and also he was having trouble at home. He's parents at the time weren't talking to him at all and his dad wouldn't speak to him and anytime my ex went to talk to him his dad would either walk out or turn up the tv. This was tearing him apart cos well he's so close to him family. ... (4 replies)
... Once again, I totally agree...I'm sure he does love having several different options and is hoping very much that neither of you will demand that he make a choice. That's all well and good for him, but what about what you want? ... (263 replies)
... really ashamed of having to throw my dirty laundry to the wind once more.. and I'm sorry about typoes or grammatical errors. ... (22 replies)
... You really seem more into your husband than the ex! Everything good about the ex seems to be from the past. ... (37 replies)

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