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... forward to 20 years from now, part of me can try to relate to what you're going through. ... (40 replies)
... ng to friends, thinking about changing my home with some new stuff, maybe a new car, looking for someone new, wanting to get on, all that stuff which on the face of it is positive. ... (24 replies)
... a twinge has come as a bit of a reminder that things weren't resolved to my satisfaction. A simple apology for all the random crap she used to accuse me of would have helped but will never be forthcoming. But I have no outlet for that wish, and it seems people like her really can get away with it. ... (24 replies)

... I had a hard time getting my worthless ex out of my head, but then HE actually helped me. I had to go pick up some of my stuff from him, and the things he said to me were unbelieveable! ... (24 replies)
... went out with her for 3 years, talk of marrage, kids blah blah blah. ... (15 replies)
... its hard to foregt such a significant period you shared with another perosn and put it out of your head like it never happened...i know some people can do this but not me! ... (15 replies)
... Well I just got left behind while she gets to carry on her life like nothing happened. I still think about her quite a bit, mainly kinda angry at how someone who was so right turned into such a nightmare and never had the guts to give a straight answer. ... (13 replies)
... I also got rid of my narcissistic ex after many years of struggle. ... (24 replies)
... year relationship. Actually, my relationship ended a LOT like yours except it was half as long and we didn't live together. We talked of marriage all the time, and I actually sort of regarded him as my fiancee. I know that sounds silly, but I did. ... (5 replies)
... Hi all, cheers for your posts! ... (24 replies)
... I'd love to hear your thoughts after reading my post. You are the only guy I can talk to about this that really understands what I am feeling!!!! ... (40 replies)
... To Calmbloke and Emoprairiedog, I think the worst part of the fallout is being left unable to trust your own instincts. ... (24 replies)
... Hmmm, well I do believe that to an extent we are responsible for own lives... its not as if he is holding her strapped into a chair and forcing her to stay with him. So I can see Corey's point. After a while, a person needs to stop playing the victim and start taking on the lead role in their own life story. ... (58 replies)
... As much as I try to busy myself, I still can't help but think of my ex almost all the time. ... (16 replies)
... esteem, paranoid and insecure brain of mine! ... (4 replies)
... she is a bit spoiled but has a good head on her shoulders. She was physically abused by her father for the first 12 years of her life. She was raped in HS one time, from too much alcohol. She has a good heart and does have confidence in the life she is living. ... (10 replies)
... years ago. The elementary schools all dump the kids into one of three middle schools, depending on which one is closer to where you live. Needless to say, the amount of kids I was use to at a school tripled. ... (9 replies)
... So we had out chat last night. It went on a while so i'm just gonna try and remember the main bits. ... (12 replies)
... I call you son because you are almost the same age of my youngest son. I'm not joining in to change your mind. I believe you can only be who you perceive yourself to be and nothing more. ... (113 replies)
... I have to say, I know you said you're not scared of your sister, but that's really what it sounds like. ... (27 replies)

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