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... Whenever your self esteem suffers to the extent yours has, IT'S TIME TO GET OUT AND STAY OUT. ... (8 replies)
... i have some extreme self esteem and depression problems. I personally find myself disgusting, i hate the way i look, simply because its never noticed. ... (13 replies)
... ave him" from himself because you love him. That's what makes us women want to stay in abusive relationships much longer than we should. Yes, I have been there myself and KNOW how it works. ... (25 replies)

... I would never take back someone who broke up with me, because I believe that we all deserve to be with someone who loves us way too much to ever dump us. ... (19 replies)
... Words hurt and can't be taken back. I have my mother's temper and it's hard to control at many times. I would have to lock myself in the bathroom until I mellowed because I am very adept at picking up on someone's insecurities and when hurt tend to want to hurl that back. ... (22 replies)
... thinking. For example, I really have enormous anxiety about being alone when we're expecting the cable guy, or walk alone in the dark...I have tremendous fear of getting assulted or raped. ... (47 replies)
... tra anxiety and so many other side effects. thank god i switced to celexa and i am only on 10mg and feel soo much better, it really was hell but i feel like i am getting myself back and becoming so much stronger. ... (4 replies)
... I don't know what to do.... He had a blow up tonight because he left his cigarettes in my car and not knowing I drove home. He tried to call me to ask me to come back but I had the music blasted and my cell was on vibrate. When I got home and noticed he had called me 10 times I called him back. ... (16 replies)
... gh i can still see him i already miss him so much. i would like to think that maybe when im gone he will come into his senses and that maybe he will come running back to me. but i also try hard not to put too much hope on that coz it may never happen. i know i should just focus on getting back on my feet and rebuild my life. ... (27 replies)
... ut I highly doubt that I wouldn't have told him to drop dead and leave me alone permanently when he first mentioned that he was debating whether to date me or go back to his ex. ... (263 replies)
... on clearing your mind of those thoughts when they pop up. Instead, day dream about all the different possibilities your future holds! Imagine taking the kids and getting a nice place of your own... 3 years down the road and you've met someone new who treats you with love... a couple more years pass and you're happier than ever... ... (16 replies)
... I know when my ex left me, it really changed everything. I could no longer see myself through my own eyes, and I could only see myself through his eyes, and the picture wasn't pretty. I know how that goes. I'm not so sure it has to do with low self esteem, though. ... (32 replies)
... y and affection, but I think that not having to share while I was growing up has made it tough sometimes to be unselfish in my adult relationships. I tend to see myself as an individual entity and don't like the idea of sharing as part of a team... ... (4 replies)
... l thing that hes ever had. Instead of cherishing you, taking you out on dates, and treating you with respect he belittles you in order to try and bash your self esteem so you never leave. Men like this are very scary. My best friend's ex husband was this way. She married him at 19, divorced him at 20. ... (13 replies)
Getting over him.
Jul 12, 2011
... Thank you everyone for your helpful advice. I have not yet written any letter to him, as I am still contemplating why I even should. In my mind, I ask myself would he even care? ... (23 replies)
... king every night.. and i dont want to. its starting to make me bloated but i cant always help it. i just want to drink. i think half the reason im able to manage myself is because of my kittens. ... (24 replies)
... k out. You're just trying to find your "missing piece". There is a wonderful children's story about that written by Shel Silverstein. I highly reccommend your getting a copy from the library and reading it. ... (263 replies)
... do the things for me like he did..i never asked for the phone. or the credit card or the dinners or the vacation!!!! what the hell!! well after 7 months my self esteem went from a 10 to a 2.... i gained 15 pounds, let myself go.. ... (6 replies)
... I think you're right, though. It's obviously me here. I guess I do have an incredibly low self esteem problem...I guess I just have to really work on it. I just don't understand what could've caused it. I sense another topic starter coming on... ... (16 replies)
... As I mentioned in the other thread, if I'm not working towards another relationship, I still feel like I'm not moving forward or going anywhere. My mind wandered back to my ex. ... (6 replies)

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