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I Knew It When....
Mar 26, 2004
... The way I see it if that person want to sleep around I will let them by getting out really fast. There are plenty of other caring women out there that rather seek a relationship and love rather than sleeping with someone outside the marriage. ... (29 replies)
... erm... I had moved out way before even considering a serious relationship again! ... (21 replies)
Jul 17, 2003
... to me, and has done some wonderful things for me which makes it hard to just walk away when I know from my experience with the other guys I've dated what else is out there. ... (25 replies)

... he was friends with another couple that we hung out with. It was very obvious to me that the female friend was always flirting with my husband, and my husband truly never saw it and didn't think she was. ... (21 replies)
Marital Woes
May 12, 2011
... I've treated her the last couple of years. If I try and stop her, she's going to go everyday just to make her point. I think I just need to let her go and get it out of her system. We have had two marriage counseling visits, and she seems really open to the advice were getting, except with this issue. ... (13 replies)
... I think Blastoff is right. He's having an emotional affair with her. He knows how you feel about it and doesn't care, and is not about to change his behavior. ... (6 replies)
... of the time married men who are having an affair DO NOT LEAVE their wives. So why did mine leave? ... (16 replies)
... early 30s, so getting so worried at the age of 23 seems rather early to me. ... (157 replies)
... of no success we seeked help. My husband got tested first because it was the cheapest first test, well it turned out we did not have to search much futher. My husband has no live sperm and the doctors told us there was no way he could ever father his own child. ... (13 replies)
... Im in the middle of getting out of a marrige.Its been a long rocky marrige.Im only 26 yrs old.I got married young. ... (2 replies)
... workers about what I'm going to do over the weekend but I'd never want to hang out with any of them. ... (1 replies)
... is cool or will he go all nutty on you and tell your husband and insist you leave Jack and come away with him, all that drama drama drama. You could very well be getting ready to bite off wwwaaaaaayy more than you can chew. ... (21 replies)
... m trying to look at it that way too. But, when hope is all you have and it keeps getting ripped away from you, it gets so much harder to believe that something great awaits in your future. ... (76 replies)
... m not exactly sure what you're concerned about. Are you worried that your man and your ex friend's conversations about her broken heart will lead to their having an affair? ... (12 replies)
So confused
Oct 20, 2016
... but I try to explain to her that when I'm zonked at 11 o'clock and she is getting a second glass of wine and putting her feet up to look at her tablet to look at social media that sends a signal to me that she isn't interested in sex. ... (1 replies)
... It could be that I have a more suspicion nature, I don't know, but I just don't like the way this smells. His older kids from his first marriage know that he had an affair with you, they know he had a baby with you, but they DON'T know that he's still seeing you and that he and their mother are divorcing? ... (16 replies)
Guilty as charged
Feb 13, 2011
... Yes, I can see that going to a prostitute might be viewed as less harmful than conducting an affair, but it is still sex outside of marriage without your wife's knowledge. Plus the fact that the risk of STDs is there. ... (29 replies)
... You mention honesty and following your heart. Honesty would be getting your divorce processed and then seeing what happens with this other girl. Has she flat out told you she is also interested? ... (33 replies)
... alled and tried to talk, I feel I am attacked each time and we get nowhere. It's always me to blame and even if I stay calm, it goes nowhere. It's not like I had an affair, I hurt her feelings in some way, which she has never really came out and said what I did. ... (71 replies)
... om has issues with your father, than I think that she needs to resolve her problems with him now or move on without him. I'm not sure if your mom is still having an affair or not, but if there is still sneaking around, your suspicions are probably correct. ... (22 replies)

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