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... her people's feelings. Anyway, if that's what happened, I can certainly see how that would be incredibly painful for you and I'm really sorry that things turned out the way they did. ... (35 replies)
... Definitely do the counseling thing....if you both really want to make things work. But, is he more sorry about HAVING the emotional affair, or sorry about getting caught? ... (4 replies)
... Saturday, when she came to say goodbye to us, that he was having an emotional affair with Angie, and my friend told him to be careful with the situation, that angie may turn on him if he rejects her. ... (18 replies)

... Its pretty simple..make a decision. Be happy. Your just making things worse..Maybe take some time off and be alone for a little while to think about what you truly need to do. Nothing or no one says you have to be with either of them. In the mean time, I would quit talking to the guy not involved, focus on the relationship at hand before you hurt someone worse than your... (54 replies)
... My fiance and I are getting married in 3 months, and I am in love with someone else. I love my fiance...but I am IN love with another. ... (54 replies)
... Well its fortunate for you your husband is willing to be civil. Mine is not. He said he wanted to take the kids from me to get back at me for the affair I had. And since the custody evaluator agreed it was cut and dried. Apparently where I live the judge almost always goes with the eval. recomendation. ... (13 replies)
... Not long after he came back home, we noticed that he seemed a bit detached from everyone. He just kind of wanted to do his own thing instead of getting together with family members. He really didn't interact much at all with his 2 grandchildren. ... (6 replies)
... om, and i work two jobs. i feel i need to talk to someone that could not be bias for knowing me or my situation. i will start by giving a recap of my life. i was an honor student with all the athletics and academics behind me in high school. i got with my huband, age 19, when i was 15. ... (9 replies)
... if you don't get out of this relationship now! Believe me, you're going to have problems!!!! ... (17 replies)
Watching the kids
Sep 30, 2005
... Im a homebody, not interested in going out at all really. Not yet that is. ... (10 replies)
Watching the kids
Sep 30, 2005
... You need to get an attorney and set up every OTHER weekend, so you too can have some time to be YOU. ... (10 replies)
... Okay, okay. I am sorry for getting so frustrated, but this whole thing is very emotional for me, and I had to take a little time to get away and cool off. ... (18 replies)
... and this guy knows that. But what he doesn't know is that my ex is still jealous even if. The guy is going to end up getting hurt if he keeps it up and it won't be by me. ... (19 replies)
... I really thought I could never experience that kind of fairytale feeling with another person after him, but I was wrong and it surprised the hell out of me. ... (5 replies)
... ly make one feel alienated and alone and different. I've felt that way a lot, because I don't click with a ton of people, but fortunately there are other people out there who think and care a's really important to have some other people in your life who generally get you. ... (138 replies)
... for those of you who remember, he was the guy who ripped the Snapple out of my hand and said through clentched teeth "I"M BUYING YOU A DRINK! ... (106 replies)
... the affair would not play that heavily in your favor as you would think. You will have to negotiate with her for the visitation and come to some agreement. ... (19 replies)
... then I get told she has an anxiety complex and refuses to perform. ... (4 replies)
... I didn't know when I started seeing "Ted" that he was just separated and not divorced. I took the phrase "Ex wife" to be literal. She had reasons for not wanting an official divorce, and has held things such as visitation and child support over his head. ... (3 replies)
Angry & frustrated
Aug 20, 2011
... really need some help with this. i had a recent incident in my life. tht hit me really hard n deep. well let me put it this way i was engaged with a guy, it was an arranged one, due to family reasons. ... (1 replies)

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