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... Why wait, test your theory out by buying one and tossing it on the bed to just "look at later". Or to keep for "investment purposes". ... (42 replies)
I Got Played
Apr 1, 2007
... endence. The main reason that I wanted to be independent was so that I could be with HIM. So I began the process of disentangling myself from my boyfriend, not an easy process by any means for a variety of reasons. ... (32 replies)
Atten: Hope4U2
Sep 23, 2006
... Today, I called her and asked her if she was going to give me an explanation or was all this going to come out in court through depositions, testimony, etc. She said she'd give me an explanation tonight, but I'm not counting on it. ... (8 replies)

My mums lost it!
Sep 6, 2005
... It's getting more hurtful with my mum. ... (8 replies)
What to do?
Aug 31, 2004
... Don't hold onto a marriage just out of fear of being alone, you know you can't be happy that way especially if you were never really in love. ... (74 replies)
... and rebuild the trust lay totally on her. She's had to work very hard to provide me that trust. However, during the earliest time, I had a very difficult time getting past it. I'd rant and vent and the rages of hate were horrible. ... (36 replies)
... rom the marriage, there is still one thing you need to consider for the sake of your health. STDS. When I had my affair, we both had full STD testing done before getting physical. We both knew what we were doing was wrong but it would have been completely irresponsible to bring home an STD to an unsuspecting spouse. ... (67 replies)
... t Oct. when my wife got a big raise. It empowered her over me somewhat, and at the same time she lost weight and was looking super. Then by january I caught onto an Internet love affair by breaking into her social websites in which she uses a fake name and doesn't mention being married. ... (12 replies)
... You need to stop engaging this man. I don't know exactly what you're dealing with, it could be just an overzealous guy, or he could be very very dangerous. Don't count on that pistol. ... (19 replies)
... t anything physical between them. Even as she swore it was only an emotional affair, I was devastated. I felt she had betrayed my dad and the whole family, and the whole happy family thing was a total lie. ... (22 replies)
... It's never been friends with benefits. We started out as really good friends, and now it's a relationship. ... (20 replies)
... ion.This is coming from someone who gets nasty at the drop of a hat if i so much as mention some other man might be nice looking.And if that wasnt enough i found an opened comdom in his wallet.When i confronted him about it ,he tried to tell me that it had been in his wallet for along time. ... (76 replies)
... As for the affair, or following her, that is also out of the question, at least not in person. ... (12 replies)
... sometimes there's a time difference of an hour but I believe we're now on the same time. Hey.....Heartland, I don't even know what state you're in? ... (221 replies)
What to do?
Sep 8, 2004
... it sounds like you've had a hard time of it. You said I was close with the immigration thing about why you HAD to get married. Perhaps you should consult an attorney if it's not exactly an immigration problem, an attorney that handles the problem you're dealing with who can advise you on how to proceed. ... (74 replies)
... ld take up for me. She went around talking bad about me. She still does. After we got married my husband mentally and physically abused me. I stayed stressed out and cried a lot. I left a couple of times and the last time i was not planning on going back but i found out i was pregnant. Which i do thank God for. ... (7 replies)
... I am a woman and have the opposite problem. I keep getting involved with "artist" types and they are all poor, starving and can't pay their bills. ... (19 replies)
... You've gotten some great advice out here, already. I just want to touch on the idea that you're reacting and living out of emotion rather than sound judgement. ... (73 replies)
Viclyn"s Husband
Jun 17, 2005
... nd impede intelligent thought. I believe that a person has to get control of ones emotions not let them control you. Therefore, I got those under control and set out to find out the reasons behind my wives infidelity, there had to be reasons for it. ... (62 replies)
... Patrick's roommate was also furious because he was hoping to "trade up" as well, dumping my roommate in hopes of getting together with me. So our roommates went on this campaign to tear us apart and spent weeks telling me and Patrick dozens of horrible lies about each other. ... (34 replies)

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