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... I dated this guy Mark for 2 years. We were together since our first day of college. Mark wasn't always the best boyfriend ever, but we did have something special. Last summer, he went to New Zealand to study abroad. ... (8 replies)
... No, youre not being controlling or over sensitive. ... (14 replies)
... The only thing I totally know for sure is that I worry and stress WAY too much over stupid little things that aren't even real issues, and I HATE that about myself. ... (38 replies)

... to you and i wanted to explain why. as much as i didnt want to admit it, i was still really hurt over my last boyfriend and i saw all the guys i dated at about that time as bad. it didnt matter who they were or anything. all guys were scum. ... (9 replies)
... My girlfriend of some 9 months is a great girl. She is innocent, virgin, caring and kind. I met her at the beginning of freshman year. Before college I had been an avid member of the "no sex before marriage" club. My girlfriend is the president. ... (1 replies)
... n he's been able to be totally honest about his situation, fears, anxieties, phobias etc etc, but he will likely keep a lot of stuff 'secret', even from you. My ex husband of 8 years had OCD and social anxiety, but the social anxiety wasn't to the extent of your boyfriend's. ... (17 replies)
... I thought I would give an update. Also need advice how to proceed with actually meeting for dates with men I meet online. ... (5 replies)
... always told me, he is NOT like all of the other people that I have ever been with.....he hates being told from me "Well, nobody's ever gotten this upset with me over the internet...I used to be able to do what I have wanted to do!" He says "Well, it's different, because you are NOT using the library computers anymore... ... (4 replies)
Need advice!!!!!
Nov 25, 2005
... very confused as to how to proceed from here. Your boyfriend's actions don't seem to make much sense and from what you explained here, he didn't give you much of an explanation, so it's tough to know exactly what's going on. ... (2 replies)
... Lisa, you have alot of contradictions and do alot of rationalizing. In the above quote, you downplay your relationship as getting to know each other, then in the next paragraph, you admit you should apologize, but won't as he might see it as weak and use it against you? ... (39 replies)
... him go through with making any moves.. She has no desire to end our relationship and would not do anything on her part to mess it up, she knows that we would be over if there was any cheating between us. She was hurt, though, when I brought it up, because she believes that I think she would give in to his attempts. ... (15 replies)
... A week back, I returned from a 10 day vacation with a guy I had been dating for two and a half months. Barely two hours after I returned, he sent me an email to tell me that he doesn't feel romantically for me. I had serious trouble getting myself to trust this guy because of my past. ... (14 replies)
... I think this is part of my problem too, I feel that because of what I did with my ex girlfriend that karma is going to come in and hurt me here. Once again though, I refuse to let this eat away at me and THANK YOU for your reply. ... (6 replies)
... these type of persons is the only answer. Each situation is handled differently based on how determined the sick individual feels he or she has emotional control over the situation. Going to jail or getting a slap on the wrist might move some on, but there are those that may be determined to get that control back. ... (28 replies)
... I've been with my boyfriend only 5 months. I'm 24 and he just turned 27. ... (4 replies)
... As for your situation, from what you've said it sounds like what's keeping you apart isn't a lack of love but the fact that despite being in love your ex doesn't want to be together. Maybe it's the "we're too different" maybe it's his lack of willpower when things get tough... ... (30 replies)
... nnoyed at me because now he's tired for work but last year, she rang him in the middle of the night on a worknight saying shes running away from home because her ex boyfriend bashed her. it didnt bother him that he was up half the night that night. ... (42 replies)
... You need to break up with this guy and listen to your parents. They are correct. They love you, are putting a roof over your head and obviously care about you. Listen to your parents! You do need to get out, go to the gym, get a job, make some new friends ... ... (30 replies)
I give up on women
May 26, 2006
... Yeah. I can definitely relate..... Sorry about your troubles. When you have enough experiences of total failure, you begin to feel like you're gonna be alone the rest of your life. It's not a fun feeling. (22 replies)
I give up on women
May 25, 2006
... wife had an affair with a married man. Her reason was mainly financial. So I had a rough time with it, we have kids and all, but I started to rebuild things. ... (22 replies)

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