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... Thanks Iceman. The stuff you are describing was actually happening and I saw it. As you can see in my previous post, both of us already knew what was going on. But she was tending to blame her getting worse on me :( It is already late for me do decide, 'coz she broke up with me already. The problem is, besides the obvious - me being seriously in love (otherwise, I'd take it... (17 replies)
... ally will be totally sure when she's going to switch, but it will happen. The mood instability will wear on you, as well as the impulsivity that many people with BPD display. ... (17 replies)
... She is a very educated person, so she discovered that she has BPD by herself. Before that, I was just suspecting that something was not right with her, but it only made her extremely mad. ... (17 replies)

... No, it's not getting any better for me. In fact, it's getting worse and worse. ... (17 replies)
... They were not sure if she was bipolar or just depressed. She is now taking meds for depression. She would let many things pile up on her and feel tons of guilt over not pleasing people or getting their acceptance. ... (19 replies)
... of the time and then at last... He did. Over sex. ... (98 replies)
... ly, I am a 36 yr old female. I already have a hard enough time with relationships as it is. I am Bipolar and have BPD. I have been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now, we've been friends for almost 7 years. We live together, in his trailer that he's lived in for a while. ... (2 replies)
... I met my ex online over a year ago and we hit it off immediately talking for upwards of seven hours a day on lazy Sunday afternoons. ... (2 replies)
... idn't do anything because i cared about her so much and would have done anything for her, yet i didn't do anything i should have done and I really beat myself up over it. Sometimes i don't understand why i do the things i do. I really want to get it done and for people to see it, because i know i'm better than that. ... (7 replies)
... My Mom used to tell me that if my Dad was away, it didn't matter who walked in the house, as long as it was a man, I would be all over him. I would sit in his lap from the time he arrived, until he left. ... (19 replies)
... all the time for his benefit and especially when I was in need of support during a crisis, then his life was more in a crisis. He stood at the altar when we were getting married and cried. I thought wow he's so sensitive, not knowing it was a show, same at the reception when giving a speech. ... (98 replies)
... As far as others....until you read up on BPD and understand it, making comments about how everyone has symptoms and comparing it to PMS will do everyone more harm than good. ... (98 replies)
... here special, this girl is really different however and I've never felt this way about anyone before. After about 8 months this started to surface, and I started getting bouts of anger, where I would seriously attack her confidence and start yelling at her and being manipulative. ... (48 replies)
... be in for a long, exhausting, painful ride. All of the things you are describing are very typical for someone with BPD. One of the big issues for people with BPD is fear of rejection and abandonment. She is going to feel this way regardless of what you do. ... (15 replies)
... she's not getting proper therapy, meds and support.....The anger especially is torture.... ... (15 replies)
... isms, and reflectively, I've had similar spells myself when I've been totally unsatisfiable with another, including or usually myself being BPD also. ... (8 replies)
... feels absolutely nothing for that person... We've battled this together..she has mood swings everyday.. some last a min. some last hours.. but recently shes been getting after day she wakes up sad..and when she looks at me she looks disgusted... and i see no spark anywhere... but today...she woke up furious... ... (4 replies)
... Well, I spent the next two months in three different affairs, all of which were not destined to work out and boiled down to me pretty much getting used for sex. ... (4 replies)
Is it me or my man
Oct 25, 2010
... and the prospects of me even slightly getting better are basically 0. ... (24 replies)
... ts head is that she has said at the begining of the relationship and now again that she has wanted a bit of a break to be alone. Shes never had much freedom with over bearing parents and abusive boyfriends. But with me shes felt safe enough to ask. ... (3 replies)

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