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... I relate to you lots. It's very complicated (my situation) and I don't why it is this way, why I can't let it go completely...but I try.... (17 replies)
... Hey, dont mean to sound nosey, but when you say happy, I dont really understand that one because in your last post here you were battling wether or not to stay with someone who was not sucessful but that you loved. Did you break it off with him and are now thinking about him? (17 replies)
... I know some of you will insist on reading past posts and reading more into this, but this has nothing to do with any of my past posts. ... (17 replies)

... I can relate to you. I dont know if this may help you out but I to think about the past. Not so much of ex's but the memories of things I did with past friends. I do realize that this is life and as time goes then so dont the people that come and go out of it. ... (17 replies)
... Theres nothing wrong with loving someone you used to be with. We can't just chose to not love all the wonderful things about someone just because we don't date them anymore. ... (17 replies)
... broke it off with someone I was with for 5 years. Its now over 2 years later and I still get choked up thinking about him. He was truely the love of my life and I'll NEVER forget him. ... (17 replies)
... one year almost and I still think of a guy from way back when I was in college. I guess I will always keep that guy in my heart, for my own reasons, but I still love my husband dearly if that makes any sense? ... (17 replies)
... Just to mention I wrote in my first sentence of this post ....this has nothing to do with any of my past posts. ... (17 replies)
... I've been separated from my ex of 5 years for over 2 years now, and I still sometimes dream about him or think of him. Its getting less and less over the years, but I can't help thinking that I lost something immensely valuable when I lost him. ... (17 replies)
... I somewhat understand what you mean. If you are missing the person that you know, or the friendship from this person that is totally acceptable. But if you are missing the romance, or intimate times with this person, then that can be a problem. I have an ex, who I dated for over a year & was my first love (high school), and who cheated on me 2 times. Obviously I knew it... (17 replies)
... ce instead of breaking it off we may have been ok. This is enough to drive some into depression. I am with someone now after only three months, but i know i dont love them, and its more just someone to talk to and be with for comfort. ... (17 replies)
... lear. There are some signs though that you are refering to an ex but you got it all out here. You are like me. You dont want to go back to that person or that past but you just miss them and thier friendship. There is nothing wrong with that as I see...You are not asking for the relationship back.. ... (17 replies)
... He was selfish, only interested in his own thoughts, feelings. Would get mad over the strangest things and then literally refuse to speak to me for days. ... (17 replies)
... I cant believe you have been crying yourself to sleep everynight for the past 6 years because of your past love... must have been someone really special? ... (20 replies)
... Its just a mmemory and we all have then. Its really not a closure thing in my view. I have memories of places I went and friends I shared with but thats only left in my thoughts becaise as times change so dont I and I have to move on. I still think about those memories but sometimes its good for a laugh or to make you feel good when feeling down. (17 replies)
... No not that :eek: This could create many problems :p To me they are an ex for a reason and if this is someone from 10 years ago then there is no need to contact them to say hi. If a person has a new boyfriend thier consentration should be towards the new relationship. (17 replies)
... I personally have done this myself but only when I haven't been in a new relationship and just single. When you're in a new relationship and you're having these feelings, I think it's because your current partner is not fulfilling some of the needs that your ex did. You really have to sit down and examine what you feel is missing and see what you can do to try to make your... (17 replies)
... You said exactly what I was going to say veggie girl... Thanks!! :angel: (17 replies)
... I guess I have a different definition of happy than you do. To me, someone is truly happy when they are truly satisfied, and they don't want for anything. If you're still thinking about an ex, wishing you could re-live the times, then you are still wanting for something. To me, that's not real happiness. I could be way off base, but if you were really happy with your current... (17 replies)
... ee what was out there, because he was basically all I knew for six years. About four weeks after I broke up with him, I truly and deeply realized how much I did love him and wanted to be with him forever. I had made a HUGE mistake. When I tried to express this to him, he had already started dating a girl. ... (19 replies)

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