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... I have great trouble getting over past relationships. When I think of a couple I get quite down about it. I picture that they were perfect and didnt have many faults. ... (16 replies)
... This post can probably work for all of you. I realize this post was made 2 years ago and most of you probably have new relationships and are happy. The thing about relationships is to realize that you deserve to be happy. If you're not happy then you don't need to be in that relationship. ... (16 replies)
... relationship's demise because I think I mentioned that I wanted to be in a serious relationship too soon. I wish I never said it, just kept dating him, we were getting along so well. But I managed to scare him off, i'm so mad at myself. now I don't have any relationship, serious or not serious. ... (16 replies)

... interest in school, work or other activities, nearly to the degree that women do, which only seems to add to our anger! I'm still furious at how easily my ex got over me. But I guess it wouldn't have been so easy for him if I had mattered at all to him. ... (16 replies)
... I think of my past relationships every now then. When I do I imagine what thing would be like today. But we are broken up and the relationship is over. ... (16 replies)
... and that could prevent someone from getting to know you better? ... (16 replies)
... i feel like if been such a fool in past relationships and feel like it was all my fault that they ended, even tho i know it wasnt. ... (16 replies)
... Been There too - that's why I have said I let the GOOD ones GO and the Bad Oones Stick around longer then should have. Sohpia, don't beat yourself up too much about your last relationship because you said how you felt and if He felt the same way - You would have still been with him. WE have all done that at one time or another. :) (16 replies)
... Well your shrink is right with the majority but there are some men that will do what you posted. I did not cry over my ex's but I still wonder about what life would be like if I was with them. With my current GF I beleive I would be as emotional as you put this. ... (16 replies)
... I still have so much anger and hurt towards my ex's, especially the guy who I dated for over four years and was supposed to marry, I just don't know how to move past it. ... (16 replies)
... I don't think I was a participant when this thread was created, I was around though. My bad breakup was almost two years ago and here's where I'm at now... I'm over him and don't feel pain or anger when I think about him/it but I have to admit, I still usually think of him at least once a day. Not in an obessive or bad way, just in the something reminded me of him way. I... (16 replies)
... I think it has more to do with your state of mind, not what you are saying. I was angry for years, i mean consumed by anger over a past long-term relationship (we had a child which contributed to my anger) and I finally had closure, came out of the whole thing on top, and when I was the happiest and most at peace in my life, I met the man I ended up marrying. I wasnt even... (16 replies)
... of what he's doing, but believe me, pot is not worth crying yourself to sleep or thinking about not marrying him over. I think you're making much too big a deal over this, and I hate to see you risk your relationship over something so minor. ... (20 replies)
... ur own selves, by growing ourselves into the best we can be. That is what satisfies us with ourselves, and that is what gives us something to give to others. Our relationships with others always show us who we are. ... (4 replies)
... Do we EVER really get over it? ... (34 replies)
... will ever measure up to. Until she realizes that she can't change people she will have relationships that make her miserable and will always blame the other person. ... (22 replies)
... out explains why I keep getting into relationships with people who walk all over me and use me emotionally and physically. ... (47 replies)
... I know it is not what u want to hear but let her go. I know how it hurts. I just got a divorce in April 03.after being married for 8 years. (we have been together for a total of 11yrs) He and I have 2 children. Still, even after we were seperated for 2 yrs (prior to the divorce he had another woman who he got a house for in May 03 a month after we got a divorce!!!!!) I still... (8 replies)
... rs. We were saving for a wedding, I thought. Looking back, I missed some obvious signs she was no longer doing that. I contacted her a total of about 10 times over the 1st 4 months, a few times to try and save it, then a few times trying to have a mutual goodbye, preferably in person. ... (8 replies)
... I feel I won't feel better or be able to push thru this control he has now over me. ... (23 replies)

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