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... The little lies are getting to me to the point I am really getting sick of the relationship I have with him. My shrink told him if he doesn't stop, She will NOT want this anymore and fall out of love with you. ... (11 replies)
... Have you tried truthfully talking to him about this, that you are unhappy and bored in your marriage? ... (29 replies)
... food, ammo, equipment, etc. Seems like every nook and cranny is filled with something and I'm tired of it. The thing is that we live in my house and I'm always the one compromising also. I finally cleaned the garage last week and it angered him because I did... ... (5 replies)

... This guy is obviously controlling and frankly a little loppy if he's denying saying things that he has said. ... (29 replies)
... This is a good start....I would worry about the possibility of getting back your marriage if you didn't have any hope back of doing so. Hope in the sense that you still love him and are committed to wanting to do something to save your marriage. ... (294 replies)
... My mother has always been controlling and somewhat abusive. I've taken it for years, but lately it's gotten way out of hand. We are in the process of buying my parents house right now, and that seems to make my mother feel like she has license to be even more controlling than usual. ... (5 replies)
... Hello. I am 29 years old, have been married a little over a year and have a 4 month old little boy. My husband met in where we live now and shortly after dating in the same city we were long distance due to his job. ... (5 replies)
What to do?
Oct 11, 2009
... Well i've wandered in at the tail end of this story but i'll give my ten cents worth anyway. ... (61 replies)
... effects, and going off Depo can cause horrible symptoms as well, for a long time until it is fully out of the system. Even then, there can be permanent effects. With my 2nd child, I had postpartum depression. ... (10 replies)
... Ruth, perhaps you can clarify something for me here....are you saying that Mr. Ruth made the decision to buy into a bowling alley without even discussing the idea with you? ... (45 replies)
... I'm 31 years old, have been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and Epilepsy from a young age, and recently have been put on anti depressants. I have been in a relationship now for nearly 3 years and everything has been great until 4 days ago. ... (4 replies)
... the big wedding at the church, the limo ride after to the country club reception. I basically planned the whole thing myself while finishing college and starting a new job at the same time. There's no reason to be so stressed. When the day comes, everything will be fine. ... (6 replies)
... I have been with my 24 years old wife for 2 years, married for 1 year with a beautiful 6 month old daughter and things are not going well. She has a history of insecurity and was raised by parents who abused drugs. When we met she shared her struggles and her desire to improve herself. ... (0 replies)
... year relationship. Actually, my relationship ended a LOT like yours except it was half as long and we didn't live together. We talked of marriage all the time, and I actually sort of regarded him as my fiancee. I know that sounds silly, but I did. ... (5 replies)
... Realguy....I cannot stress enough how I am not using sex as a punishment or does make sense that if something is lacking in terms on nonsexual intimacy and strong in sexual intimacy, that focusing on the one that is lacking is a good strategy....and Tom is in agreement with this. ... (294 replies)
... Realguy....I was a little ahead of schedule while awaiting one of my daughters at I'd like to address your concerns before I leave. ... (294 replies)
... g pretty loudly, too, so I have to say right there, you don't sound like you're being very fair to her, or seeing this situation really really clearly. Also keep in mind that every minute he has spent running away from his wife, he has also been running away from his daughters. He hasn't been honest with his wife. ... (33 replies)
... in a relationship, and I expect 50 back. Anything less and it'd lead to resentment on my part, and then we'd be finished somewhere down the line anyway... ... (33 replies)
... What Rach28 said makes a lot of sense. So many young couples forget about "their" time together and focus solely on the children. ... (17 replies)
Here is my problem
Sep 13, 2004
... Marriage is sometimes a difficult partnership at best for some people. When two people enter into a relationship, on any level, the expectation to maintain and obtain respect, honesty, love and true commitment is reasonable. ... (150 replies)

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