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... be some truth to this. I went through the same thing you did when my boyfriend left me, then my best friend flaked out and blew me off and cut off communications with me, then my dog died, all within the space of a couple of years, and the day after I put my dog down, my ulcer broke open and I got very sick. ... (6 replies)
... This is a book, ask questions if you would like.. this is a true story... ... (16 replies)
... is always doing something and has ALOT of friends. i on the otherhand have no friends and spend most of my time alone, becuase of difficulty socialy interacting with other i've always been a loner...i've always had no more than 1 or 2 close friends and i only hang out with them. ... (8 replies)

... Well, the sad truth of it is, love doesn't always work out the way we think it should. ... (14 replies)
... he bars and also talk to your good old guy friend again! And guess what, I bet you'll get hit on by so many guys at the bars that it's not going to take long for you to get over him. Going out to the bars when you're 22 and female is super fun and you do not want to miss out on that! ... (11 replies)
... I grew up not wanting to get attached to people and was very aloof in relationships. If I sensed any guy was getting too serious, I bolted. ... (2 replies)
... months ago... Thanks to anyone with some advice... ... (16 replies)
... Notthisprincess, I'm really sorry that you had such a terrible experience with your ex, but while I agree with the other advice you and Susie provided, I strongly disagree with the generalization that meeting someone online makes it impossible to truly get to know someone. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks so much for your support and internet hasn't been working at home lately, and I can't tell you how much better I felt today when I finally got to read all your replies. ... (8 replies)
... I think GirlHarley has summed this whole thread up. Point is, if you really loved someone, you accept them as they are and these things should not bother you. ... (130 replies)
... OMG, lisa, are you just the sweetest person in the whole wide world or what? ... (85 replies)
... nks for the reply. Well, as I said, that's why I don't have any friends at all. It seems like everyone I've ever met, it always comes down to this. "Let me treat you like crap and dump all over you, or I don't want you around at all. ... (17 replies)
Demanding repect
Nov 16, 2004
... but a year ago we had a spat and within two weeks he was taking out another woman in AA. He appologised and came back to me but she told me he had been flirting with her even before we had our spat and told her we were over with when we were not. The other woman and I had to sit down and talk to figure out what was going on? ... (19 replies)
... Reddoor, you are giving this man a lot of power and credit. ... (340 replies)
... Maybe shes had enough. Sounds like a pretty hectic emotional rollar coaster ride. I agree with Hillary. Maybe she just couldn't get over the cheating. My ex boyfriend cheated on me, I tried to make it work, etc. ... (12 replies)
How do you leave?
Jul 10, 2004
... Well, my questionable choices in men...he's the first one, yes i'm no longer with the father of my other 2, but we did not have a bad relationship, my current one is the first and only one who has treated me like this. ... (9 replies)
Still in love
Jun 2, 2004
... Yes, I see what you mean, but it's just hard getting it from one's head to one's heart. ... (36 replies)
... First off thank you for all of your replies. ... (54 replies)
... Gosh, this post reminded me in a lot of ways of myself when I was younger. Never knowing what was going on with the other person's feelings, and always driving myself crazy analyzing it all too much. lol. I wonder how old you are? ... (10 replies)
... I am not sure where my problems lies. I am very frustrated right now and it appears that it is getting a little more intense everyday. I recently remarried, we have been married for 9 months now and it has been a living hell every since. ... (5 replies)

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