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... having a very diffcult time of getting over the ex... ... (10 replies)
... can u belive that? ... (6 replies)
... it took me back to those days to where all we felt was love and being comfortable. To me that is what is another important thing in a relationship is feeling so comfortable with that person. ... (50 replies)

... sorry to hear about what happened with you and this girl. Boy, I know how it feels to like a friend a LOT, only to find out later that this person doesnt' feel the same way. ... (109 replies)
... then that would suggest what you actually want is a relationship, not friendship. Settling for "friends", IMO, is just asking for the pain and confusion and hurt to continue. ... (30 replies)
... Sounds to me that deep down inside, you know what the answer to your questions are already. Obviously, you wouldn't have done these things had you not been thinking of risk management. ... (50 replies)
... I tend to stay away from these types of posts, because the poster is usually so far in denial, there is not really anything a person can write to make them happy. So, I will just summize my impressions of the situation. ... (76 replies)
... You need to start listening to the one telling you to get over him and to tune out the one telling you to stay. You can still love him from a distance and get over him by getting away. Staying in an abusive relationship only because you love him is a BIG mistake. You can only listen to one person..... ... (120 replies)
... WOW larry'smom, that blew me always say to the point and how it is an that was exactly how it is..i'm going to save what u just said as i'm going through a tough time at the moment, from a break up which endd with me questioning all those kisses and i love you's.. ... (22 replies)
... Ive been posting a lot of random questions lately, but this one is definitely up there. ... (58 replies)
... my family is from there, but it's still not the best place to be, economically. ... (50 replies)
... to see if she was "all better", I said to be sure, it's a one way trip. There is no coming back, you've made the decision to remove me from your life and the wedding vows are now broken. I kept mine. Give her a second chance? ... (10 replies)
... I'm still crying after breaking up with my ex in july. Like u I hadn't had a relationship in a while after the last one. I thought I'd found my soulmate but it wasn't meant to be. I knew it was over in april but tried to keep it going, hoping and wishing it wasn't so. ... (6 replies)
... hi" and I'd get messages from her asking to "pray for snow for her" so she can get off of school. I dont mind her IM'ing me, I actually like it, probably for all the wrong reasons but I cant lie to myself and say I dont. Every couple of days we'll engage in a conversation. Lately Ive been the one starting it. ... (8 replies)
... from mid 30s on. If it weren't so, why would doctors, at least in the U.S., always do amniocentesis to detect possible Down syndrome or other birth defects for pregnant women 35 and over? ... (35 replies)
... Back when i was 11 i started going out with this girl.....we had so much in common and had so much fun....we lasted a good 4.5yrs then one day i found out that over the past year of our relationship she had been having sex with atleast 20 people....but before i found this out ....we were alone and she asked to see my penis.. ... (3 replies)
...'s the update on my ex and I getting together again for lunch after he broke up with me almost 5 weeks ago. ... (8 replies)
... you can skip to the bottom if u want to just get straight to my advice, but i included some of my backround in my ended relationship. ... (8 replies)
Having a bad day
Feb 16, 2012
... way across the country from me. ... (31 replies)
... Honey, I think the only thing you're guilty of is being in a relationship that is murky, undefined and one that keeps you in a constant state of confusion. Lovingyou, love doesn't look like this. ... (202 replies)

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