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... I do see what you mean, and it is true for the very most part too. ... (13 replies)
... I am getting mixed signals. I know what most of you will say "Your 18, he is married, get a clue". Haha. I may be young but I am not stupid. ... (63 replies)
... brush his teeth after he chews, but since he's ALWAYS chewing, I don't see where that's much of a bonus. Plus, he never listens to me. I was working and he came over to show me how to play poker because we're going to this poker club tonight. After about 10 minutes, I said "thanks! ok, I'd better get back to work now. ... (300 replies)

... hat he's not able to give you what you want, and I'm very glad this became apparent sooner rather than later, because there are a lot of guys out there who would love to take you out on fun dates, romance you, be interested in really getting to know you, and perhaps become the kind of boyfriend you want. ... (576 replies)
... being with you she would have told you flat out "Yes I do like you a lot and I'd Love to start a relationship with you" instead she told you "dont wait around for me" You said she's a smoker now, that is not a trait you like. ... (51 replies)
... What I see may be the fact that you are in your first relationship and are confusing LUST and LOVE. Couples do not have to slobber all over each other daily and have sex in order to show their true feelings. Your insecurities are getting the best of you here. ... (9 replies)
Made peace with X
Sep 19, 2005
... Thanks!! Actually, I belong to Gold's so that I LOVE doing, and the benefits are great on the bod, as is the stress relief!! I got out of my funk and had a great night with the kids. ... (38 replies)
... t I didn't want to get into a relationship or get serious about any one guy, but I might just have to go back on all that, along with everything I said about not getting ahead of myself and being overly excited about any one guy. ... (439 replies)
... s an immature and irresponsible way to deal with suspicion is that her relationship with her boyfriend won't last, but there's no telling if that is true or how long it will take before she straightens everything out. ... (12 replies)
... For me, I just can't imagine making that commitment now, but again, I know that not all women love and prioritize sex like I do. For as far back as I can remember, I've been dying to experience sex in a variety of ways with a variety of appealing men. ... (20 replies)
... When I said it's better for a woman not to be so easily won over and that men like a challenge, I wasn't saying that you shouldn't be yourself. ... (34 replies)
... She is my first everything and I don't want it to be over. I want her to come through, grow up and be their for me. It is as simple as this. I love her with all of my heart. When the times are good.. they are great. When the times are bad they are a nightmirror. ... (9 replies)
... eat marriage should have, you have good communication, you laugh together, you respect each other, and you are each other's best friend. You will have NO problem getting back the spark if you both just change some things. ... (174 replies)
... this guy has been grooming you for the past year to be his next abuse victim. That's how it starts. For a while they're sweet and loving and then they show their true controlling, abusive nature. You need to get out NOW. Change your phone number and the locks on your door. Cut all contact. ... (15 replies)
... I so wished my mother said something when it happened because THEN I would have jumped all over it. ... (18 replies)
I finally did it.
Mar 21, 2005
... ouldn't say sorry so I stuck to my guns and eventually he said, again, I want to be single again, I don't want to be in a relationship right now. So I said is it over then, yes or no, I can't do this anymore. He wouldn't say, he just kept saying we need time apart again, space, and then he hung up on me again. ... (28 replies)
... marry me...does not want me to be with anybody else...loves me..blah blah blah. I am soooo sick and tired of hearing it I could literally throw up. It has been over 2yrs now since I have been with him at all. He is still on my case about where I go, who I am with...pretty much harassing me constantly. ... (6 replies)
... D I had a thread that somehow got wiped went on for over 7 months....we picked it right back up and it continues on. Yes... ... (221 replies)
... but I don't think that he would be up for that. I love him a lot and we've been getting along really well lately. I don't want to end it because we've been together for over two years, and I really think that he is the one. ... (19 replies)
... invading her territory. It doesn't matter whether it's true or not, or whether YOU know she is welcome to him. In her mind, YOU are the one he wants. She may stop at nothing to "win him over from you". ... (73 replies)

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