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... lly helped, and Ive been meeting lots of different guys and just trying to enjoy my life, so although I still currently resent my ex, I feel like Im on my way to getting over him completely. Thats the background info thats pertinent to the current situation. ... (22 replies)
... e end was the opposite. So I know how you feel. He was my heart and soul and I gave everything to this guy, along with dozens of sacrifices. It caused resentment over time when I didnt get that in return. ... (29 replies)
... hings to confuse me and i told him we couldn't be friends because i was very much in love with him and didn't want the break up 9 months passed and i was finally getting to a place where i could accept the break up and let him go all the while wishing he would come back i knew he had made a mistake i never stopped loving him. ... (3 replies)

Still in love
Sep 19, 2008
... yes, I do think you have to WANT to move on in order to do so. I know how hard that can be when all you have left are the memories and the love you still feel for him and if you let all that go, then you won't have anything at all and the emptiness of that is just too much to bear. ... (79 replies)
... of the time and then at last... He did. Over sex. ... (98 replies)
... ion and debate, but since that's not allowed here, I won't, but personally, I don't think you're doing ANYTHING at all wrong. I have come to realize that finding true love, or finding your soul mate, is like having a great singing voice, or being a great dancer or a great scientist. ... (96 replies)
... And THAT is precisely what real love is. You cannot really love somebody you have known for several weeks. True love does grow over time. In the beginning it is lust, or just the excitement of meeting someone new. ... (3 replies)
... affection" there is nothing "true" about it!!!! He is married!! Nothing will come of this other than him cheating on his wife and you getting hurt. Of course he is nice to you, he wants to get in your pants. ... (63 replies)
... f sex just because they haven't had much sexual experience. It just seems like such people invariably wish they would have had more experience but weren't able, over the course of their lives, to find many people who were interested in becoming involved with them. ... (19 replies)
... ays went back to the fact that the positives outweight the negatives, even in a time of challenge like this was. However, he told me last night he thought it was getting more negative than positive. It makes me feel like he lost sight of everything we had. ... (92 replies)
... rs who didn't want them in return. It would also help a lot if people didn't use their remarkable ability to delude themselves into believing what they wish were true rather than the disappointing reality that sometimes stares them in the face... ... (576 replies)
... elt understood you better than anyone, someone you could trust to be there for you and support you no matter what. About six months ago, the man I considered the love of my life and the best friend I'll ever had decided he needed to leave me and move back home across the country. ... (11 replies)
... I'm getting over the hair looking like his ex quite quicker than i thought I would so that the relation won't be negative. ... (9 replies)
... the minute I found my true love, the thought of being with any other man became completely repulsive to me. ... (20 replies)
... They were practically drooling all over themselves, very pretty girls at that, yet he was like, eh, not interested. ... (16 replies)
... in fact, I think I love more intensely than a lot of people. ... (21 replies)
... He was with you, not her anymore. IF it was truly over between him and her, there was no good reason for you not to have been invited to this wedding. ... (340 replies)
... rom yesterday. in my last post, i was complaining that my boyfriend wasn't affectionate enough with me, verbally. i came to the realization that he really does love me even though he doesn't say it, yada yada yada. ... (23 replies)
... Things have not always been this way. It started getting to this stage when he was starting to have a hard time dealing with my girls and he went into his depressed mode. I can't blame him for that. ... (54 replies)
... I was with a girl 35 years ago that I loved more than life itself. She was the true love of my life. I divorced my first wife to be with her and never regretted doing it to this very day. ... (9 replies)

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