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... but please, just please make sure you're operating in your OWN best interest as well as his. Don't be so eager and desperate to get answers from him and help him through it that you start putting the answers you want to hear in his mouth. He needs to man up and deal iwth the relationship like an adult or he'll lose you. ... (62 replies)
Huge damage inside
May 17, 2007
... Going through the pain of leaving him will not compare to the pain you will feel if you continue to stay with him. ... (6 replies)
... t wasnt giving me the reassurance that we loved each other the same. Turns out, I was right, hahaha but thats another story. I had felt insecure somewhat halfway through our relationship for a lot of reasons having to do with him, but the more I made a big deal about it, the more frustrated he felt... ... (50 replies)

... but if you think the fact that he talks to his ex when they share a child is mental abuse just because you're not impressed with her getting her degree at age 45 is abuse, I urge to to visit a battered woman's shelter. That is not abuse. ... (27 replies)
... What I really don't understand is why you are even remotely considering the possibility of getting back together with a man who has dumped you, and broken your heart, twice. Why would you ever give him another chance to win your trust and let you down? ... (43 replies)
... While taking her home I stated that I think I will just pretend I am a virgin. I will just masterbate once a day like when I was a virgin. It is not worth getting shot down 4 or 5 times a week. It is not worth the pain. She rolled her eyes. Shortly after she responded with well everyone gets their feelings hurt. ... (17 replies)
... seated insecurity and false bravado. He told me recently that he secretly got a kick out of it when I used to "zing" my ex. I never even realized I did "zing" him. ... (30 replies)
... your sake assumng you are otherwise content and fulfilled within this relationship, but I still think you should make quite sure all of both of yoru feelings of insecurity and doubt are fully resolved before making any sort of binding legal commitment. ... (11 replies)
... You're getting such wonderful advice from everyone, I don't know what else I can add! Except this. ... (263 replies)
... up and realize it was my own insecurity issue. Afterall, he was treating me like a queen too! ... (17 replies)
Jan 31, 2005
... Does it help you and are you getting any better or seeing any improvements? ... (1 replies)
... So when/how did it end for you guys? I do agree that he is very insecure. But what else can I possibly do to try and make him more secure? I just don't know what else to do! HOw can I make him realize he is making things so mcuh worse then they have to be? (464 replies)
... I couldn't agree with you more. His tears may not be real but its easy to tell from a fake to a real cry. He may just be good at it but I think its real and its because of what you said that she knows how to make his day either making it or breaking it. (464 replies)
... You are able to make or break his day. When we feel someone pull away from us our natural reaction is to reach for it. You moved out and have stayed so strong through this. He cries everytime you leave and when you can't be "close" because he feels hes loosing you. So hes become clingy and despret. ... (464 replies)
... Hi, Wow, what a confession! I know I'd be blown away if my boyfriend told me that!! But then again, youve been with him for 18months, it happened when he was 15, youre his first lasting relationship, and hes like, revealed this stuff to you which, im not sure - could be taken as bragging or could be like something that he feels he needs to tell you to be honest or... (4 replies)

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