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... i would say your chances of getting your wife back is about zero. she has moved on. i think the baby in her tummy proves that. guess divorce is not an option in your culture? ... (26 replies)
... onstrated that you intend to stick with it, she may consider reconciling with you. But you have to prove you mean it and not just make promises with the goal of getting her back with no real plan to stop gambling. ... (9 replies)
... Even if you moved closer to the border of another state.....would that be feesible to your getting to your job? ... (25 replies)

... begining a relationship with someone who is still legally married. I would allow your boyfriend the time to wrap up loose ends with his wife, before thinking of getting him back to the alter. ... (5 replies)
... as far as his daughter is there for not ask about or bring up her her away from him and with no expectations of that getting you back into this mans life. ... (12 replies)
... When was the last time you told your wife she was beautiful? ... (34 replies)
... Well, if your heart is not in it then I don't see how you can make it work. He can't be the only one trying to get the relationship back on track. I think you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you still love him in that way? ... (1 replies)
... wife back together. She is doing everything in her power to alienate you because you are standing in the way of her goal. It's not just that she doesn't like YOU. ... (14 replies)
... I agree with you, getting married with the idea of getting your hands on your husband's money is not a good thing. I never said it was a good thing. ... (41 replies)
... Hope you can help because I am at my absolute teather and can't face a life with my wife to be and mother in law. ... (2 replies)
... After going through a horrible 18 month long divorce that crushed me, I married my current wife whom I love terribly. She gave birth to our daughter in December. Until December I would honestly say that there was no flaw whatsoever in our relationship. ... (23 replies)
... reassurance doesn't mean you don't love the person you're with. It means you're not getting something that you need from the first relationship. ... (63 replies)
... Your wife had 2 brain surgeries to prevent further strokes and you're upset about her mother and that you were caring for your baby? ... (23 replies)
... I feel sorry for you because of the situation you are in. I'm afraid the only way your wife would stop is to divulge what you know about the whole "emotional affair" , a new term being thrown around. ... (15 replies)
... t say much until she noticed that I was getting less and less done each day. That was around November 2004. Funny how that seems to be around the time of my marriage thread. ... (297 replies)
... Fair warning, it appears your wife is doing the same to you. No matter what you do in the future, she will always claim she doesn't feel loved. ... (63 replies)
... getting to see our 10 month old little girl. My wife and I have been married for a little over a year, and we had our first child in January of this year. ... (12 replies)
... ryone, esp. from women, on a situation that has me very depressed. You should know that I'm married, have young kids, and my marriage is fairly stable though my wife and I have grown distant emotionally. I won't point fingers, trying to keep this factual. ... (11 replies)
... ut the baby talk that takes place is the sole responsibility of the ex couple. They need to take responsibility for that themselves and that is something the new wife should take up with the husband. ... (60 replies)
... However, he needs to step up to the plate and start attending counseling with you. Ask him why is it "your problem" when he's the one saying he wants his old wife back. Like you said, you can't go back in time. You can't wave a magic wand and cure yourself. Surely he's not that big of an idiot? ... (50 replies)

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