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... and i was the lucky F'er of us who got it. IT SUCKS!!!!! it takes a once good looking person and turns them into an emotional and physical wreck and to ALL THOSE women who claim to NOT be shallow and that looks don't matter and its what on the inside GTH! ... (51 replies)
... your mother also can contribute to baldness gene as well, if she has 1 normal and 1 mutant, and your dad has a balding gene, your more likey to have it. if your dad balds early, its a sign. ... (113 replies)
... It is not about comparing myself to others. It is just a fact, yes a fact that women are extremely concerned with a mans height. I'm just curious if the guy was taller. ... (113 replies)

... Hi all, cheers for your posts! ... (24 replies)
... Your comments clearly state that your family is so offensive that you are worried about going to a family function because of the derogatory comments. ... (113 replies)
... I still believe your problem isn't hair or lack thereof, or height, but that you compare yourself with others, hence asking how tall he was. ... (113 replies)
... They say listen to your gut, well my gut says I love this guy. ... (174 replies)
... My husband had your problem...he started to loose his very fine hair in the last few years at school. Apparently he tried everything to slow it down etc. nothing worked. ... (51 replies)
... This happens A LOT, to men and women both. Two people meet up, there is all the expectation and excitement, both after a short while it all just fizzles out for one party. Even though it's hard to believe, it's really not personal, and there's nothing you could have done differently to change things. ... (15 replies)
... mportant and it is what makes or break a relationship..BUT no one wants to start a relationship with someone whom they are not attracted to. OF the features that women dislike the most, I have both. Short and Bald. IT is a game ender. I have tried talking to women since I have shaved it and not one gives me a time of day. ... (113 replies)
... men the same ones that they think doesn't go to strip club are the ones that can't give you advice .they don't even know where their own men are going when he's out with his friends at night . ... (34 replies)
... nd though I was really cool and so on and so on. We meet up and I can tell right away she does not like what she sees. My pic is recent. I think it is because my head is kind of turned sideways can't tell that my hair is receding. Can't see wrinkles in pic either. ... (113 replies)
... all things that make them eager to pick apart women they perceive as threatening or having much more to offer than themselves. These women seem to instantly zero in on women who are confident, attractive, intelligent, women who have successful relationships and are popular with men. ... (31 replies)
... es and, sometimes when I try to conceal my anger and frustration with them I just ignore them, which is not very good either. Everything they do just stresses me out and adds to the overwhelming weight on my shoulders. It has finally hit me that I really am "daddy" to these kids and this is my new "job". ... (3 replies)
... Don't get wrong. I don't feel sorry for myself. Not anymore, not after all this. At least, I try my best to keep my head above the water and keep positive. ... (4 replies)
... but i know alot of guys out there struggle with the "what do i do now" or the "when should i do this" in the "meeting and getting to know girls" part of life. ... (17 replies)
... I just don't understand how she's getting so offended. Have you ever asked him WHY he looks? ... (27 replies)
... First of all, you're not a jealous loser. This is your life we're talking about. ... (37 replies)
Demanding repect
Nov 16, 2004
... I didn't mention this before but a year ago we had a spat and within two weeks he was taking out another woman in AA. ... (19 replies)
... hours a weeks and a women is working only 35 hours to take care off kids, the house, ect. It kinda equals out at the end. ... (15 replies)

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