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... Well, I would say that your feelings stem from insecurities you have about yourself. It sounds like your GF is an independent person whose life is fullfilled without necessarily having a significant other in her life, which is a very healthy thing. ... (7 replies)
... My girlfriend has admitted to having a Personality Disorder. Weve been together for nearly 4 years, shes dumped me 3 times before but we got straight back together each time. Sometimes i wonder whether it was through guilt or love. We live apart, have to travel 20 miles to see each other. Here is a description of someone with a Paranoid Personality Disorder: "Paranoid... (2 replies)
... DITTO!!!!! Right on Jeff. She doesn't think she deserves anything better than an abusive man. Shame on him. And ANYONE that threatens to kill you or have you killed is abusive. Period. Are you being paranoid? No. You're not being real smart by staying with him. If my husband called me a dog, or stupid, I would be outta there so fast his head would spin. You deserve a man... (19 replies)

... But yesterday he went to a new level of crazy, he accused me of having sex with his brother last week! Both my bf and his brothers gf were at work, his brother was getting ready to go to work and we hung out watching tv together for a few hours, went and got coffee etc. ... (6 replies)
... Yeah, why would her mother send her anonymous flowers unless she's really ancient and forgot? Her reaction is very defensive - I would be upset if my boyfriend got an anonymous gift signed "I love you". I would look into seeing if she was cheating or not. I don't want you to get all paranoid, cause if she really ISN'T then that would really drive her away from you. It's just... (18 replies)
... I agree with the others. I think he is setting you up to be the "jealous GF" so he can have his little flirtation (or worse) or keeping you on tap if it doesn't work out with her. You do not need this [email protected] in a relationship. Whatever his game is, don't play it. Tell him straight that if he wants you as his partner, then stop this nonsense. If he does the old "you are trying to... (10 replies)
... iend recently sent me an email saying that he misses me and wants to be friends and said he loved me and all I could think of is how sorry I feel for his current gf because that is an inappropriate thing to say to somebody else when you are in a relationship. ... (11 replies)
... him and came back when he got cancer and died. His been through alot, he doesn't get along with his mum, his life stage is more like a 20 yr old. He hasn't had a gf in ages and he did tell me he has low confidence in girls etc.. and he hates the way he looks etc... You reckon his just insecure? ... (7 replies)
... You didn't need to be settled down in a relationship. Not saying your GF will cheat or anything, its just that at this point in her life, her independence and friends are very important to her. ... (7 replies)
... ety of reason like they are plain mean, joking, ect... He may not know what he is doing and as I said I was the same way. I will now admit it was jerkish but my GF told me how much it hurt her. She knew it was a joke but it didn't make her feel any better. ... (19 replies)
... it then you need to make it known and make a stand. He sees that you can take it and the only way for him to stop is if you say so. I used to do that until my GF said something and I no longer do. ... (19 replies)
... ag to me. Not a sign he is cheating but more like he doesn't really care about your opinions or thoughts. I know you are insecure and I am to. I will allow my GF to go out with friends but we compromise to work it out. Its hard but you have to really think what he means to you and think what you mean to him. ... (3 replies)
... Actually I was going to mention that too about how you've been friends for so long he continued to treat you like a friend. Is he romantic with you? (57 replies)
... I just want to add that I know this may seem kinda petty, but he does have a habit of treating me like a friend (ie. taking me out on my bday in the same manner that a friend would)........I guess because we were friends for so long before we got together. but we' a couple now and I want to make sure that I'm not being paranoid. (57 replies)
... This guy, let's name him Aztec, is driving me nuts. My gf got accepted to a Pharmacy school in South Carolina. I plan on moving out there for her after I get my situation all figured out in California. ... (11 replies)
... rt liking me despite the fact they know I'm married AND have 4 kids. And it's always caused problems in my friendships with females so I completely know how your gf feels. With that being said, I know when a guy likes me and if he's hitting on me. I don't know how your gf can keep denying it and saying "he's just nice". ... (11 replies)
... Hi, (sorry this is so long its pretty complex and confusing!!) I'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice, basically from July-September I was seeing a guy who i'd known for years but only really spoken to occasionally over msn, he had a long term girlfriend for 3 years and I had a couple of relationship stresses and he was always advising me and then when I found a... (11 replies)
... My GF calls me to tell me she's working 10 hours all week and immediately, my gut starts turning. I can't trust... ... (15 replies)
... So my gf of 3 years went for a photoshoot with a female work colleague who deos photography as a hobby. ... (11 replies)
... He knew about it. So now it's the matter of him being paranoid that you cheated on him, not about the potential herpes anymore. ... (32 replies)

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