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... convinced your gf is involved with a powerful and dangerous mind controlling cult. ... (6 replies)
... iguess you also have to look at your own self confidence, why is it that you feel like you have to settle for someone who can't handle their own life? ... (50 replies)
... I didn't waste my time with men who didn't fit that criteria. Dating is fun, but with so many to choose from, it just didn't seem worth it to become romantically involved with people who didn't have what I was looking for. Call me picky, but when I found my man he didn't require fixing either. ... (50 replies)

... not physically, emotionally. It really hurt my self esteem. ... (6 replies)
... Getting involved with someone who is not yours to have is never a smart idea, but it's not my place to judge you or lecture you or anything like that. ... (27 replies)
... r that, difficult as it has been. You gave him everything you had, but unfortunately he is just not the one for you, and I think deep down you know that getting involved with him again would hurt you terribly and be almost impossible to recover from, or you wouldn't have posted here. ... (35 replies)
... pt with one, maybe two new guys in an entire year. That's a long way from a sex addiction as far as I know...I was under the impression full blown sex addictions involved spending a huge amount of time sexually involved with a huge variety of partners, though I don't know much about the subject. ... (23 replies)
Help please 2
Feb 27, 2006
... you don't really KNOW if you want them back until you have some distance and fill yourself up. COuld just be lonliness, losing, poor self esteem, afraid to be alone, whatever. I felt this way over my husband of 12 yrs. ... (31 replies)
Help please
Feb 27, 2006
... you don't really KNOW if you want them back until you have some distance and fill yourself up. COuld just be lonliness, losing, poor self esteem, afraid to be alone, whatever. I felt this way over my husband of 12 yrs. ... (443 replies)
... ing is out of the question for her due to finances, but I'm pretty sure that if she looks into some sort of rape crisis group they would make the counselling and self defense available free of charge. ... (24 replies)
... but he does. So what does she have that I don't. The only thing I can think is if she's cuter, cause I've never seen her, and thats how us females think. So my self esteem gotten eaten away with the 'ideas' in my mind. I couldn't even look in the mirror cause I saw the ugliest girl alive. ... (174 replies)
... and the one time i was successful was when i wasn't looking, and she just showed up. i'm a christian and have joined many church organizations and gotten pretty involved in them. ... (32 replies)
... oh sure it gets comfortable, people usually resist change, and yeah it is easier.....LOL There doesn't have to be passion to be content..... As far as that guy dumping you and you going back and messing up his wanna know what that's called? Sweet Revenge Sister! :D And yes I think getting older and wiser definatly has something to do with it. I don't... (17 replies)
... this is only going you leave you confused, frustrated, and without any more answers than you've ever had. Remember, there really isn't any logic or common sense involved in love or in why people make the romantic decisions they make. ... (79 replies)
... Why would you like to do something so self destructive? ... (35 replies)
... Intersting because I had been a lurker and recently read your story and Scorpiolovers and found it a bit similar in that there was minipulation that played a big role in both situations. You never know what he is saying to both women, typically the goal of the cheater is to get both to despise each other as he is telling them both the same things, that way they won't want to... (4 replies)
... A situtation might be able to change one's perspective but rarely their intrinsic values. We, more often then not, alter our values to feel ok about doing something we used to believe was wrong. There is a big difference in changing one's values based on new, eye opening knowledge and changing them to allow indulgence in a new desire. And you are right, this site is for... (25 replies)
... t ok with all this I would of never gotten involved with another girl and respect him. I was FRIENDS with her then meet my bf then yrs later grew feelings for her. Not like she was my gf I meet hm after. ... (25 replies)
... i posted about my gf who broke up with me while she was on a Hawaii cruise. well, like i said, its been a month and my ex and are "friends" so to speak. ... (10 replies)
... You said that she viewed her last bf as a "project". Then you said that since you have been out with her, YOUR self esteem and various other personality traits have improved. Just make sure that she does not view YOU as her next project. ... (27 replies)

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