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... I have tried talking to friends about this issue but I don't find them mature enough to be able to give me a straight answer or experienced in the matter. ... (0 replies)
Little dilema
May 17, 2009
... my boyfriend and i were talking about marriage the other day. we are not engaged or anything but it came up in conversation. he wants his wedding to be small, around 50 people. i told him that my whole family including uncles, aunties and cousins makes up about 50 people. he said that i would have to cut back. ... (4 replies)
... chinchilla , I totally agree with u. ... (5 replies)

... which I dont mind. Well we both added each other to our my spaces and a few days later I was just messing around on his page and read a comment saying 'I cant wait to see you again sexy! only one week left!". ... (19 replies)
... at all when i finally did i was like right ive had enough of this he was like okay then, then we spoke about it quite a few times and he was like oh its nothing to do with you its just that im not ready for a rship, i was like so im a rebound, im such an idiot why didnt i think of that? ... (11 replies)
... from what I noticed, my girlfriend has a strong pride in her country. Always using "We," when koreans do something....and maybe she becomes a bit sensitive to the issue of Japan, because of the war and all that in the past. ... (1 replies)
... sleep over her house on her couch a few days a week, so she just has very close guy friends. But anything is possible. And no offense to this guy, but I pretty much couldnt see her picking him over me. ... (7 replies)
... I have to say in reading your post that I tend to agree with the other posters in the sense that it is quite obvious, from what you share, that your GF is definitely pursuing this other guy, actively pursuing him. I wouldn't place the fault with the guy.... ... (27 replies)
Weird situation
Aug 18, 2004
... gf label. We hung out together everyday from begining to end. ... (23 replies)
He emailed
Nov 21, 2004
... i don't know if any of you remember me...but i was the one with the huge guy problem...he cheated on his GF with me...she was a friend at the time... ... (22 replies)
... and also since I want to find mr. ... (7 replies)
... To start I should say that my advice is probably influenced by the fact that my personality sounds quite similar to your GF's. ... (5 replies)
... I met him four years ago in 9th grade, he was like in love with me from the start and we got together May of 2008. ... (21 replies)
... post, but I'm using this board as more of a venting, and hopefully, someone will help me out. Although, I'm pretty sure that I already know everything that needs to be done. I just need other opinions. ... (1 replies)
Sticky situation.
Mar 22, 2006
... up with my ex of nearly 2 years. Knew we would marry, love of my life, I thought. Never knew such intensity. He broke up with me out of nowhere in Nov. ... (15 replies)
... Thanks Is, appreciate it. You do make good points. Guy's gf's clinginess probably is due to her really feeling it's not going to last somewhere in the back of her mind, she just doesn't want to face it. I'm not saying she's not playing a role in this unfortunate situation. ... (128 replies)
... he just wants what he wants and will do whatever he has to, to get it. ... (26 replies)
... ve posted about this before. I have a boyfriend, this bloke has a girlfriend, that isn't the issue, but the man is driving me crazy and not in a good way. Please be patient, feel free to skim read, but any advice would be great. I don't deal with people issues well! ... (2 replies)
He emailed
Nov 21, 2004
... Hey, sorry to say but it still seems like he wants the booty. ... (22 replies)
... There are a lot of guys that don't share emotions or feelings. If you got a guy that did there would be a lot of girls calling you lucky. It is good to have someone open as you are but its hard. Its hard to communicate like this but you'll have to find ways that he be open. ... (13 replies)

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