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... Because I have a huge crush on this guy, and my current bf is complaining about my friends and calling them nerds, and doesn't want me hanging out with my friends much. Not only that, he keeps going on and on about his 2 ex girlfriends, and won't shut up about them, even after 8 months. ... (19 replies)
... Ugh Now I am so confused about this girl I have been trying to hook up with. I hung out with her last weekend and we got along alright..but by the end of the weekend she was kinda blowing me off. ... (13 replies)
... just thought id say hi, ask you lot how youre doing and give you an update on my situation...just like talking to you guys, you always know what to say...this is more like a rant, a vent more than anything... ... (10 replies)

... I cant get this damn girl out of my head that has been messing with my mind for the past couple of months. This girl is a friend of my roomates girlfriend and she started to come onto me a couple months back. ... (9 replies)
... im in real big trouble messing around with another girls fella she found out after a text message i sent we have,nt even done any thing but it was gonna but this has hit the works and i really do feel bad for the girl coz its not like hes just flirting with me hes been with loads of other girls b4 me and hes even told me about him going to amsterdam and going with prostertutes... (9 replies)
... Thanks for taking the time to read my story and sending me replies. ... (8 replies)
... I'm almost positive he was just messing around with you and figured you would have some retort of your own for him. Are bags under your eyes a touchy subject for you or something? ... (19 replies)
... and it's too great a possibility for me to, believe me! The fear that they might meet and be drawn to becoming involved romantically has always been on my mind. ... (50 replies)
... this is pissing me off. After I vented her last night I could rest so tryin again. So I ran into this girl today and we talked for a good 15 min. The guy she was talking with b4 had actually been calling her up...b4 I thought she was going after him. ... (9 replies)
... but if he is still holding on to her at all, which obviously he is I don't want that. I have had enough hurt in my lifetime for 10 ppl and i don't want anymore. ... (10 replies)
... she has told me in the past that she thinks that im a good looking guy, sweet, cute and really nice, so i thought 'Wow, i might have a chance!' Wrong. ... (3 replies)
... I apologize that this post is so long but I needed to write this all out because it helps me think and plus I needed to hear what others thought about my situation. Well, a year ago I met this guy when I was on vacation and we messed around one day. ... (19 replies)
... It's a pretty sweeping generalization to say no one who makes a living making music is happy. That's a bit ridiculous, I think. But I think some of you may have misunderstood what I'm trying to say. First, I've had offeres from married men too. ... (71 replies)
... this one guy who frankly, well, I don't know. I don't even think he knows whats going on. Please read a copy of this email I sent to my cousin and please give me some advice on what to do. I'm lost, confused, and tired of being hurt... ... (14 replies)
... a forum. It's kind of complicated. but I fell in love with him for who he really is, then figured out that he was pretending to be other people too. I asked him about it when I finally got up the courage to chat with him in the first place, but all he did was deny that he pretends to be other people. ... (2 replies)
Hit me hard
Jun 25, 2007
... this place is 1.5hour away from where I live. ... (21 replies)
... y brother and he was at a party. He gave a phone to a guy at the party, who was good friends with my brothers friend. He got my number from my brother and called me everyday to see how I was and what was going on, etc. ... (10 replies)
... Actually, one of my best friends is almost the same way. The crazy thing is that women love him. Every time we go out, women are checking him out. If female friends of mine meet him they always inquire about him or say ,"wow! ... (16 replies)
... forth for about 10 seconds until he wrapped his arms around her to subdue her. ... (6 replies)
Am i wrong?
Oct 12, 2002
... He told ICQ girl he was in love with me, and she was pissed. She called me a whore. He told me about this, and I asked him why he would bother talking to her anymore. He said he wasn't. ... (52 replies)

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