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... she told me to recommend one. ... (77 replies)
... Why did you have to be the one to pick where to go? ... (77 replies)
... Yes I realize that often people are just flat out busy. But is 2mins out of your day to txt me too much to ask for? ... (77 replies)

... Well, first of old is this girl? ... (77 replies)
... Good for you! Before you just give up all hope you gotta give it a chance...and by you yourself playing hard to get...IF it doesnt work wont just wind up looking pathetic!! Good luck and keep us updated! ... (77 replies)
... How would I reply to her txt last night? ... (77 replies)
... With this post and the one previous, you are very defensive....I'm not sure you can really see what you are doing. You say that everyone is thinking you're an idiot for not ditching her. ... (77 replies)
... Ok here is the story that is lengthy. So there is this girl that I had gone out on a couple of dates with about a year ago, and then she went cold. ... (4 replies)
... that this girl is playing games with me? ... (77 replies)
... leading me on. I will give her one more shot at us making plans but I might take Maries advice and play a bit hard to get for a bit and give her a taste of her own medicine. ... (77 replies)
... Oh...hmm so are you saying by me asking her is she was serious about getting to know each other, was a bad or even horrible idea? ... (77 replies)
... Can you tell the difference between hard to get, a player or interested but just irresponsible or perhaps has a bad memory? ... (77 replies)
... Forget this, let it go. If it is this hard to start with, imagine how hard it'll be in the future. ... (77 replies)
... I dont think thats the case, but who knows. I just think shes playing too hard to get and is being a tease. Talk to me on a serious note one night for 3hrs, then flake on me the next like im nobody. ... (77 replies)
... at happened last fri didnt bother me at all, I wont even bring it up. And if she apologizes for it again, ill just like "no worries..." and carry on. Im going to keep our phone chats limited, no more 3hr chats. I just want to meet her in person, as that will give me a much clearer picture to see if shes for real or not. ... (77 replies)
... ood question. If it were me, and I'll be totally honest...I think I would act like it didn't even bother me and give her another chance. Because you don't want to come off appearing to be obsessive, but if she would continue to treat you in a similar way in the future then you know that it's time to kick her to the curb! ... (77 replies)
... I think by asking her if she was serious to get to know you...absolutely confirmed with her that she had the upper hand. Now you need to play role play hard to get...when ur talking to her on the phone you should be like I'm getting another call can I call you back later. ... (77 replies)
... Im not saying she has to explain herself. I just figured shes playing games because she only contacts me on occasion. ... (77 replies)
... I agree and yes Im a complete moron for letting her get to my head and play me for the short time that she did. But that all roots from my problem of being too eager in getting to know someone when just meeting. ... (77 replies)
... This girl has been totally playing you right from the start. She hasn't even met you and she's talking dirty and telling you how she's going to seduce you on the first date? ... (77 replies)

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