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... I am male, 26 yrs old. I have been losing my hari slowly since about the age of 19,20. ... (51 replies)
... K i deliberately made an account on this forum just to reply to this person. i myself am 29 and have been noticing my hair thinning since i was 20. my dad has it and his dad, and i was the lucky F'er of us who got it. IT SUCKS!!!!! ... (51 replies)
... how does seeing a girl that is in shape attractive as being shallow? ... (51 replies)

... guarantee you that there are highly attractive woman out there who don't care one iota about your hair line. But if you go for a barbie then you're going to get someone looking for a ken! ... (51 replies)
... line. I have been using rogaine for about a year now and have been on propecia for about 8 months. Both are not working. I actually have an appointment with a hair loss specialist next week ironically. ... (51 replies)
... I am not losing my Hair. though I have fine hair . ... (51 replies)
... guys look good but baldness is not for everyone, I definetly wouldnt look good bald. And most of those that do shave their heads do it for the look and are not losing their hair. Their hairline can clearly be seen on them to be normal so they have nothing to worry about. ... (51 replies)
... often look for something in a guy's fun personality, kindness, sense of humor, giving heart, etc before they scrutinize his external features. I've heard that a girl will give a guy a chance even if she's not attracted to his external appearance whereas guys would never date a girl they found less than attractive. ... (51 replies)
... at after that many girls a guy would have some confidence with himself. Confidence that lasts longer than when your drunk. I actually ran into this russian model girl I dated 3 yrs ago a couple nights back and she gave me her number in front of her current boyfriend. ... (51 replies)
... the percentage is a woman out will give less attention to an average man who is bald over a guy with a full head of hair for initial conversation. ... (51 replies)
... the maturity thing, and the model thing too. All the ones I have dated were head cases. Like during a move one of them would constantly ask me if she thought the girl on screen was pretty. I had another one ban me from her computer because I looked at a picture of cameron diaz. Another one would throw the t.v. ... (51 replies)
... Comon', that would make you as shallow as any girl who wouldn't give you a chance because you're balding. ... (51 replies)
... I think this is not true. As I have said in earlier posts, my husband started loosing his hair before he finished school and had a VERY receding hairline by the time he was 20. He was never at a loss for a girlfriend. ... (51 replies)
... But hair loss isnt a big deal, confience and love is a huge deal. If a girl doenst want you becouse of your hair, run run run run fast. SHe is not for you. Yes she is superfical. ... (51 replies)
... ht. It is you. You do not sound like a confident person, and I beleive that you are looking for excuses. Being fair is irrelevent. My husband had white blond hair and a fair completion to match, now bald, doesnt tan and goes red in the sun. He had plenty of girl friends and they are still friends now. ... (51 replies)
... fe gives us. Accept the fact that you won't be able to have the "latest male hairstyles", shave it close, and live your life with confidence. A GOOD catch of a girl who likes you for YOU, is better than anyone shallow. This is not about "settling for less". ... (51 replies)
... My husband was never at a loss for girl friends and my son is 20 and has a girl friend and he is almost bald. He shaves his head and I love it. ... (51 replies)
... mcgunther, trust me, you are still going to get girls, every few months i think " i will never get another girl" then somehow I meet a nice lady and go on a date...I'm not really interested in a long term relationship, just dating. you'll see, it's human nature, somehow some way girls will still approach you. (51 replies)
... it is more of like a part I can play for a little bit, but I get worried that they will leave me and find someone better. I think it is mainly because the first girl I was ever with was kinda of a pyscho and she messed my head up and I have been playing with the same emotional struggle ever since. ... (51 replies)
... Are you trying to tell me it is time to go for a different kind of girl Alice? ... (51 replies)

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