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... I've tried it, it didn't work... it's men's nature to do the pursuing. Can't mess w/ nature. If you do happen to "win" the man, good luck. (79 replies)
... Should a girl pursue a guy? ... (79 replies)
... seemed like she respected me very little, if any at all. she may HAVE really respected me, but i think she didn't want me as close as i was, and did not like a guy into her personal problems, so she pushed me away, and treated me with contempt on various occasions. ... (4 replies)

... A girl should be able to pursue a guy if she wants to. ... (79 replies)
... In the past I made the horrible mistake of pursuing a guy friend that I was REALLY interested in. It basically backfired. ... (79 replies)
... I agree with Sunny. It's like the quiet, shy nerdy guy in high school who gets a huge crush on the homecoming queen or the captain of the cheerleading squad. ... (106 replies)
... Ha, YES, but they think if you aggressively pursue him, you must do the same thing with other guys! It's true, so many guys have said that. ... (79 replies)
... Yes, :) but these incidents took place in a bar scene. People don’t typically go to bars looking for their next serious relationship even though some encounters may work out that way. Girls who pursue a guy in a bar, typically, automatically fall into “a girl who pursues guys” (plural). That statement holds true even more after she’s had a few drinks too many and a boiler... (79 replies)
... Thanks advice, will be seeing more of her at work soon but now since i heard somethng I wonder if she is into me at all, here is what I wrote Now, I just heard that the one I'm not interested in (that has the same name) doesn't like african american guys, which was the one that gossiping lady was talking about. So, is it logical to assume that the one I am interested... (26 replies)
... HELP! How should I act around a guy I'm interested in but isn't interested in me? ... (109 replies)
... My mouth dropped when i read this..its the year 2007 people. It is NOT just the guys job to pursue and the girls job to let him.. Girls take some things into hand and stop living in 19 O splash and go for it. ... (103 replies)
... Would you younger guys pursue a girl who was older than you? ... (25 replies)
... My Mother always told me never to call men too. I still feel very uncomfortable calling them...I don't even like to return the calls! (79 replies)
... Should a girl pursue a guy? ... (79 replies)
... Ok, but where else might a woman pursue a guy if not at a bar: chase after him on the street? :D Let's face it, after we're done with education and your friends don't know any prospective partners to introduce you to, the bar is probably your next best bet. I think it beats the stupid online dating; at least you see the person right away and can interact in person from the... (79 replies)
... I swore that after the old girl that I would not date any more married women. I never counted on the one woman from my past that I still have feelings for looking me up. ... (19 replies)
... unless you're sweating him. If i like a guy I'll pursue him, but once we've been out, HE ends up pursuing me!! ... (71 replies)
... Well, by pursue I didn't mean like actually ask her out while she was with someone. Just act more outgoing, and maybe it would rekindle something? ... (26 replies)
... I don't really get this. It's a man's job to pursue, and a woman's job to let the guy pursue, so how could we ever know how guys feel? ... (103 replies)
... feel it's wonderful, healthy, and dignifying for women to do this! What can we possibly gain from standing in one place, batting our eyelashes, and "wishing" the guy we have our eye on would come talk to us? ... (79 replies)

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