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... learn how to behave herself properly. However, the hostility aimed at this girl is unwarranted. It seems that your problem is with your boyfriend. Why did he have to answer his cell phone at all? ... (39 replies)
... if I had the same level of hostility for her as I'd have for a grown woman engaging in the same behaviour she'd already have got a slap for herself by now, but I dont think she deserves that as an infatuated 16 year old girl. ... (39 replies)
... My man works in security in a large shopping centre and a sixteen year old girl has taken a shine to him. This is a long story and I'm pissed off with it totally. ... (39 replies)

... y're doing. No morals, don't care whether or not the guy is married or taken. As long as it's a challenge and it involves some "drama" and competition over the girl the guy is currently with. ... (39 replies)
... anything inappropraite, but their very interactions are inappropriate, no adult man should be accepting phonecalls, even if they are "unwelcome", from a teenage girl he has no significant realtion to. It is absurdly inappropriate that he has let it continue on this long. ... (39 replies)
... If it was my husband, and this girl was calling I would get on the phone with her and tell her what I think. ... (39 replies)
... ess. Ignore her, walk away from her, don't take her calls,,,whatever. HE needs to do whatever it takes to get rid of her and tell her to "bug off". If I were the girl and the guy I was horning after ignored me and basicially blew me off, I would get the message and move on. ... (39 replies)
... Please don't misquote me. I never once said you are victimising this girl or midirecting ill feeling. ... (39 replies)
... Thank you StenoLady. Yes, I totally agree that I'm feeling very hyped up and probably behaving out of character because of all this; I certainly dont feel like myself! Something like this can really throw and upset you. It's an awful pity we dont have the capacity to stand outside of ourselves when something like this comes up. I'm Laylah when I'm considering someone elses... (39 replies)
... You couldn’t be any further off the mark ladyofkypros, I am glad to say. I am also relieved to say that assessing someone I’ve never met across the width of an ocean as a “perv” is not a ‘talent’ I presume to have. Judgmental thinking on that scale dosent fit into my philosophy of life. I know this man – you don’t. My boyfriend is a kind and decent man who didn’t have the... (39 replies)
... ok now i know alot of people wont agree with my views but they are just my opinion and everyone is entitled to that, first of all laylah i think you are an incredible strong woman as i would have had a stern word with this girl (be she 16 or not) a long time ago! the blame isnt 100% on your bf, after all if she want around you may not be in this situation at all! But i think... (39 replies)
... i don't know if i agree the girl is stupid. ... (39 replies)
... There is so much sense in the last three posts, there's just too much to quote it all! Thank you all. I feel justified now in the really extreme sense of having been let down that I've been feeling, because so many of the comments on this thread reflect and mirror my own thoughts exactly. I always felt, right from the get-go, that the fault lies with him. He is the adult,... (39 replies)
... I don't think it's unwarranted, because I'm sure I'd be hating this girl too if I was in your position. ... (39 replies)
... I agree with this 100%. I can't understand why he hasn't tried harder to tell her off, or at least say what is written above. Because that's the RIGHT thing to do. Fine, so he got his little ego boost from the teenager, great. But it's been going on too long. And you've been putting up with it for too long. So, while I can totally understand your anger toward the... (39 replies)
... old girl making up lies with no proof to back it up. The prosecutors would need DNA or strong circumstantial evidence to even press charges. ... (39 replies)
... Thank you everyone for responding. I dont want to be nasty here, but this thread (so far) is a pretty typical reflection of real-life attitudes re relationship issues in that the sense comes from the women and the BS comes from the men. From various things you've said above Sambo, you just dont seem to be 'getting' this situation. Maybe I havent clarified things properly. ... (39 replies)
... if this doesn't end. Maybe a senseless beating from her parents and a few years of groundation will prevent this girl from being on the news when she stumbles across a real psycho to flirt with and taunt. ... (39 replies)
... Well Jozi, I'm not going to get into another debate about whether or not she's been stupid. I certainly think she has, but I do concede that the circumstances of my life probably leave me in a position where I expect a bit more maturity than a lot of young people have. I left a very dysfunctional home at thirteen to live in a Salvation Army hostel and at fifteen was paying... (39 replies)
... Man, you have to tell your boyfriend to stop leading this girl on...even if he isn't meaning to lead her on. Does he even realize the enormity of the situation? ... (39 replies)

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