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... so being that im NOT askin in a "ROUNDABOUT" way do you have any advice for the post about me and my commitment issues? ... (5 replies)
... hey plaxmax... i am a very trusting person by nature. i think many women are. i also forgive the ones i love a little too easily. which is why i've put myself through all the BS with my prior relationship. its not only cheating.. its trusting a person not to lie to you.. trusting a person not to take advantage of you. my problem was, i was so wrapped up in trying to make the... (35 replies)
... When I caught my girlfriend cheating on me, the kneejerk reaction was to not be so trusting. But that never seemed right to me. ... (35 replies)

... confused??!! no no no no this is about ME not him! i dont want 2 be wit him, we have what we have nothing more nothing less!im talkn bout BF MATERIAL and tryng 2 understand y i pass up good things!! and yes i have standards and yes he meets most of them thats y i gave him time of the day n tha first, but he is not bf material! (5 replies)
... If your asking in a roundabout way why this guy is afraid of a committment, it's obvious that it's because he already has a girlfriend....... ... (5 replies)
... So I posted a few days ago about breaking up with my girlfriend...Im 27 years old. I've been trying to figure myself out lately, wondering if Im commitment phobic, or if I just dont WANT a commitment right now, or if my relationships just weren't the ones. ... (5 replies)
... simply feel like you haven't slept around enough yet and want to do that before committing. Of course you know it's not fair to stay with her just because you're afraid to lose her forever, no matter how much she cries and begs you to stay. And it's not fair to hang onto her and then not have sex with her. ... (8 replies)
... or is love commitment even when you feel fear? ... (3 replies)
... To be honest, I think you are right. A part of me deep down would like a serious relationship with someone. Another part of me is afraid of getting hurt but that is all because of the whole "guys and their ego" thing, being an Eminem fan doesn't help either(hehe). I don't know though how I can say if i want a serious relationship with a person until I am in it I imagine...i... (5 replies)
... on to trust her. You also don't trust your own self. So you need to deal with trusting your own instincts before getting involved with someone else. When you are afraid to make a commitment, you will not attract someone who is ready to make a commitment. ... (6 replies)
... on, no kids for at least 7 years. You either accept those conditions or find someone else. You can't make him want something he doesn't want or force him to more commitment than he is ready for. ... (10 replies)
... me before and had told me that he didn't want a girlfriend right now because he just got out of a relationship. I told him that I needed time to think about what I wanted. I left for vacation that next morning. ... (9 replies)
... I made my commitment to my girlfriend years ago and I feel like if the worst case scenario happens, I won't be able to dismiss that commitment. ... (9 replies)
... a mistake not to go with them...but I really want to go with Guy A...I mean, my favorite country in the world with a guy I like... But, summer plans aside, I am afraid I am getting in over my head. ... (4 replies)
... cting...just sort of off and on. I wanted to ask him what was up with us or what he wanted out of this whole thing....BUT I JUST COULDN'T. I guess I am just too afraid that I will make a fool out of myself. I know I am stupid. Because now..... I have not talked to him since. ... (55 replies)
... I think if he has any hesitation that should be a sign that he is just not ready. If he was ready he would be excited about that. I know he isn't someone who is afraid of commitment, it's just a matter of whether or not he is ready for it. ... (7 replies)
... Sophia, I think it's quite normal to get scared when you start getting close to someone, because you are so afraid of losing them. Just try to remain confident that everything will work out. I know it's hard because I get really scared too. ... (69 replies)
... person that fears commitment. Relationships mean growing up and taking accountability for your own behaviors, and maybe he wasn't ready for that. Maybe he's too afraid of his own problems and it is easier to push you away. Maybe his brain is simply telling him to be paranoid. ... (5 replies)
... r being in such a long relationship it's hard and I miss him.I still haven't gotten all of my things from his home and I don't want to go over there because I am afraid I will stay! I am very flustrated with him,myself, and this whole situation! ... (4 replies)
... What a joke! Sure, he has NO issues with commitment whatsoever. He is dying to get married and start a family. Sorry if I'm extra sarcastic today, but I'm losing my patience for jerks. ... (34 replies)

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