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... You are completely justified in your concern. I think the core issue here is that she lied to you, and that she is spending way too much time texting with another guy that is not you. I don't think that's right at all. ... (11 replies)
... which is cool ... i didnt realise immediately , and opened a message in inbox from this other guy ... ... (7 replies)
... and forgiveness becomes nearly impossible or at best a temporary facade that will only allow this relationship to continue on in its current dysfunctional state. ... (13 replies)

... she slept with another guy... she wasn't drunk....she wasn't seriously angry.....she wasn't looking for revenge.... This girl doesn't respect you! ... (24 replies)
... She has not mentioned you, included you, which to me means she has something to hide. If a women truely loves you and is proud, she would include you and not allow this Attention Whoring to continue. ... (7 replies)
... Confusedus, you aren't the first guy this has happened to and you certainly won't be the last. ... (10 replies)
... months after my daughter was born my girlfriend was talking to another man.. she ended up leaving me to "see how it would work with him.." Well, after a couple weeks of him treating her like dirt she came back to me. ... (2 replies)
... I am very careful about the men I allow into my life and during the past 5 years, only one man has met my boys. The issue I am currently having is... I met a wonderful man about 7 months ago. ... (5 replies)
... I ended up leaving him for another guy whom I am still with and this has been almost 5 years ago. My current boyfriend and I had a baby together who is now getting close to two years old. ... (5 replies)
... The guy I'm currently seeing, well talking to, hanging out with, whatever, was the guy I lost my virginity to. We were madly in love but he had to go away for a few months and I ended up cheating on him by making out with someone else. ... (21 replies)
... She's starting to go to some parties, spends the night with guys she has just started dating, and flirts nonstop with every guy I have talked to. All the guys who have talked to me about her say that she is cute, fun, and a total flirt who isn't ready for commitment. ... (14 replies)
... All I'm saying is if you've got an incredible guy right in front of you, I wouldn't scratch him off the list because he lives an hour away in the 'burbs and you like city life. ... (6 replies)
... er the ability to move on is what people call "giving her free rent in your head." She's free to go her way, you're free to go yours. I think it's normal to just allow yourself to feel the pain for now, and to grieve a little. Perhaps you're not ready to see other women yet. It's not a contest. ... (5 replies)
... ionship roller coaster of 3 days good 4 days bad because he doesn't deal with things when it just drags out.....he drags them out. He said that if another girl in the past would have said the things I said the few times...he would have just been gone. He said he was glad that we talked. However...Mgneer.... ... (130 replies)
... cally, mentally, financially and emotionally abusive. We had three children, who are now 19, 14 and 12. I left him for good when he started running around with another woman, even taking her on vacation over the Christmas holiday while I stayed home with our 2 week old daughter, 2 year old son and 7 year old daughter. ... (12 replies)
... s, she is a baby having a baby and feels stuck. I can't comment on her personality disorder but from a woman who jumped into a marriage at 19 with a 27 year old guy I can tell you that I sorely regret it now and wish I had taken time to get to know myself and live life before I settled down. ... (3 replies)
... think you were, boyfriend and girlfriend. And we have been quite intimate. I have my issues, and he is still in "no feeling" mode from his divorce. You can't allow yourself to be so distraught over the little things in relationships. ... (81 replies)
... i know i'm not over it. i can't yet...its only been a few months since the last attack happened, and i'm still dealing with it emotionally as well as physically...head trauma hasn't healed yet. and the trial doesn't start until november...i still have a long ways to go...he got caught beating me the last time, so he's been charged...but i lived through almost two years of... (71 replies)
... e beyond this on your own, then you do need to speak with a psychologist and find a way to get through this so you can go on to enjoy a healthy relationship with another man. ... (71 replies)
... Couldn't have said it better myself! LOOSE this guy, or tell him to dump his girlfriend for good, then he can call you. But personally,,,why would you want him to? ... (26 replies)

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