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... time about my ex. Usually they are not good dreams. I also think about him, in the sense that before I board any type of public transportation, or walk down the busy NYC streets, I always wonder if I will see him. ... (17 replies)
... I'm also assuming you have talked about this issue you have with your girlfriend because she is trying to make you happy. But here is my advice. Tell her to make plans with friends and go out. ... (8 replies)
... Everyone handles it differently. I think your boyfriend was hurt so he tried to hurt you in return, or something to that effect. Maybe he wanted to make you see what you were missing? I don't know, there are a number of different reasons he could have acted that way. But it really doesn't matter because you are together again, right? I understand that you are a little... (34 replies)

... that's funny, because his girlfriend at the time when this was all happening, was threatened by me because she thought i was trying to get with him. ... (6 replies)
... I'm happy that I have no commitments to stress me as much now, but I think I'm also anxious because that will be a long 4 months without a man in my life.. its always harder over holidays. ... (94 replies)
... I have a male friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend of a year and a half. He and I have not been in a relationship before, just friends. ... (7 replies)
... Well sweety, you sound like a girl in love. :D Everything a strong woman wants in a man. What is the harm in staying with him a while and seeing where this goes? You, becoming exclusive does put your heart at risk, but sometimes the most rewarding things are risky. I don't think you really need to talk to him to make a decision, for yourself, about becoming... (87 replies)
... yeah ill do ok, but that horrible feeling will always be wont go away that soon will it? ... (19 replies)
... be by myself and not read posts about love, feelings, breakups etc and just be by myself with my own thoughts because reading through posts on this boards doesnt always result in the best outcome... ... (43 replies)
... I think that maybe his last girlfriend ruined him for me. He says she wouldn't let him spend any time with his friends, and if he did that he must have gotten into trouble. ... (21 replies)
... I think you have it all backwards. Most couples do stuff on weekends because people tend to be busy during the week. Even if she was spending an evening or two during the week with him, I think she would still want to go out with him on at least a Saturday. ... (29 replies)
... I've been trying not to focus on any response from him. This weekend I kept busy reading my book, working around the yard and went to a sidewalk sale just to browse around and get out with a girlfriend. ... (64 replies)
... I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 years and I plan to propose soon. ... (7 replies)
... The thing is, he was treating her great in the beginning, but it only lasted a couple of months and now he has her completely wrapped around his finger. She is busy but even when she didn't have a job she was obsessed with him, even more so. ... (71 replies)
Aug 11, 2003
... Sorry if this is a long post but I'm really struggling here. I've been going out with my girlfriend for nearly a year now. She seems like the sweetest human being in the world and I truly love her. I was in relationship in which I was lied to and cheated on. ... (4 replies)
... anyway, he always said "i'll call you so we can do something" and i was excited for the first month, then he never called and after that i was like "yeah right, you call me, hah! ... (9 replies)
... n he backed out of this.Were still friends and hes taking me to my prom in 2 weeks.I dont know if I should take to him about "us" or not.When we were together we always talked about all the things we were going to do in the future and we always had so much fun together.We were always laughing and making jokes. ... (2 replies)
... I have always browsed this forum and find the posts interesting and helpful, so I thought it was time to join in with my story. ... (4 replies)
... But no longer. I'm an actor, and three or four months ago, I auditioned for a show on a whim. My then girlfriend had just broken up with me and I hadn't done a show in a while, so in an attempt to keep myself busy, I auditioned for one. ... (8 replies)
... our relationship has always been long distance but it's never really been a big issue. we're an hour and a half from each other, but our relationship has always been pretty strong though. ... (10 replies)

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