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... Thursday she calls me up crying and I guess this friend of hers had something go wrong with his brain and had to be hospitalized. The guy had his sister call my girlfriend and said that she was the only one he said to call other than his family. ... (3 replies)
... I put girlfriend in quotes because we're not really boyfriend, girlfriend. I guess the simplest way to put it is that we're doing the whole "talking" thing. ... (13 replies)
... Lazer, you barely dated. You didn't even see each other much when you were officially dating. She didn't give you the time you wanted with her. ... (108 replies)

... Most definitely. Jealous, slightly for the fact that my girlfriend can barely stand not talking to him for like a freakin minute, she came over to my house, got on AIM and talked to him for like 3 hours. I almost nearly went insane! ... (13 replies)
... My girlfriend lost her twin brother about a month after we started dating. We have been together for ten months and she is still not the girl I fell in love with. ... (4 replies)
... er friends do not like me at all because they only know of the bad things I've done in my life. From drinking to smoking. And she says that is her influence. She barely talks to me and I want to show her love and support and tell her I'm here for her. We used to be with each other everyday. Hold each other. ... (3 replies)
... e has had relationships with women in the past. She said she didn't bring it up earlier because she didn't want to freak me out and she's not always comfortable talking about it. Needless to say I was caught off guard. But I told her it didn't matter to me and it doesn't make me think any differently of her. ... (5 replies)
... Why the hell did I not get out then!!! Oh, I also did not mention that a year ago she physically dragged me out of a club for talking to my sisters friend and repeadatly hit me in the street in front of loads of people shouting and screaming. ... (62 replies)
... I would like to think you're wrong, and just a few minutes ago she was talking to me and seemed really happy to hear from me. ... (3 replies)
Talking to exes?
May 18, 2008
... i've read similar posts about this but i just want to know if it's weird that my bf has been texting his ex girlfriend and that i dont like it. he is a typical jealous bf and doesnt want me texting one of my old guy friends. i mean, why does he need to talk to her of ALL people. ... (6 replies)
... t really believe her because J isnt the type of girl that i thought would smoke. Well i decided to ask her that day if she did, and she told me yes, but that she barely does it. So time passed and i asked her out about 2 weeks ago and its been great, we get along awesome and i love being with her and all that good stuff. ... (6 replies)
Mar 23, 2004
... There is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable with something. And it sounds like her actions that night certainly justify the way that you felt and are feeling. I'm wondering if she is validating any of that for you? (62 replies)
Mar 23, 2004
... I think you are in the same boat as I am in... I am begining to think that its maybe I am just afraid that I am going to lose someone so special and you are afraid of that to. A perfect girl only comes once in a while and when you find one its hard to let go. In todays world people are easily convinced and I am afraid if she meets a guy or just talks to a guy she may get... (62 replies)
Mar 22, 2004
... I'm just barely talking to my girlfriend about this. 2 days later. She tells me I don't have to worry. ... (62 replies)
... a 3.0 and keep my scholarships. So thats what i had to do. Every day I spent studying, calculating, studying, calculating, taking only breathers to take with my girlfriend and look forward to the most anticipated relief of getting my last grades in and going home to see her. ... (16 replies)
... t be together with my girlfriend anymore. ... (6 replies)
... I am so stressed over this. I haven't eaten in over a week, I'm barely sleeping. ... (54 replies)
... and they just continued to work with one another, all the while reassuring me that he barely saw her or spoke to her. A few months later, their work positions rotated again and they did not work together nor speak to each other. ... (12 replies)
Please Help!
Aug 2, 2007
... This has been the hardest thing ever. I went from 2 years of talking to him every day to pretty much absolutely nothing. I can tell he has been online, but if I hear from him it is cryptic. ... (1 replies)
May 23, 2018
... ties of our school making me so busy and continue my hobby in painting. During school days, I notice some of my classmates stares me badly especially his current girlfriend throwing stares at me but I pretend like not affected in the condition of the situation. ... (1 replies)

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