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... I have been dating my girlfriend for a year and 2 months. She's trust me more than anyone else in the world and has for awhile. ... (0 replies)
... I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 11 months, and even though we have issues I see potential. ... (17 replies)
... and attractive is NOT good enough. she not respecting you. i think shes all for the ex she seems more bothered about him. i dont believe she was raped because she wouldnt want to go near him , a normal person wouldnt. drama queen pure and simple. ... (17 replies)

... most women on these boards get periods and we arent joking about what if our partners got raped. that is very sad. its in fact disgusting. people out there have been raped for real, maybe even a few on these boards have experienced something like that and im sure they can tell you how disgusting a joke like that is. ... (16 replies)
... e. As for being crazy, that's something we all have in us. One persons irrational decision is rational for someone else. It only becomes irrational after it's been exposed to others. ... (17 replies)
... First and foremost - The police never would have told her not to tell anyone. You need to get to the bottom of this. I used to work on a hotline and I have talked with many women that have been raped more than once in their lives - having said that - there is a lie being told here. (48 replies)
Oct 1, 2009
... d like to build a little background so it is easier to understand. Me and my current girlfriend have been dating for a year and a half now, approximately, and everything is well now. ... (6 replies)
... i met my current girlfriend Dec 2011 we hit it off right away and have been together ever since but it has been an unhealthy battle for both of us. ... (5 replies)
... ain that i cant do EVERYTHING with her and that she has to learn how to do things by herself sometimes. then a few hours pass an she texts me saying 'someone got raped a few days ago at the subway station, would be funny if that happened to me' obviously it wouldnt. i told her this and she replies with 'wtv not like you care'. ... (16 replies)
... Lazer, I'm inclined to agree with the others here. Having been mixed up with someone very needy myself I see a lot of parallels here. ... (48 replies)
... I am very worried for my mom. She has an undiagnosed mental illness. I have been trying to help her for years with this, but she is on a downward spiral. My mom is in denial and does not believe there is anything wrong. ... (25 replies)
... There have been some developments over the last few days. ... (32 replies)
... le, her brother left to grab some food and said he would come right back, and she got bored and started to head to her car. In daylight, someone attacked her and raped her. It was a stranger, and the police believe it was a tourist. ... (48 replies)
... most of you know, im the inexperienced, insecure, low self esteemed guy who has had 3 rough relationships. On the other hand, this is the best so far, and we've been together 6 months. ... (24 replies)
... YOUR eyes, Lazer, but what these people who are replying are trying to get you to see is that it may be a bigger issue that goes along with the problems you have been having with this girl all along. ... (48 replies)
... This is about my girlfriend of about 4 months now. ... (39 replies)
... K i tried to be nice. but you need help. you really do you need counselling. there is no reason to be so down about yourself. who cares if you are a little over wieght, i bet there is a good quality for ever bad quality you listed. everyone thinks something is wrong with them, but really youre more beautiful than you know. not every guy wants a "perfect cheerleader" most... (13 replies)
... tried looking for other people, but almost got raped in the process. and all i can think of when i'm with other guys is andrew. ... (13 replies)
... Your girlfriend is in dire need of therapy, and you need to find someone who is mentally ready for a relationship. ... (14 replies)
... Lazer, I just read your other posts, and I honestly have to say that I think she's making it up. How many times can a girl get raped and attacked in her life? ... (48 replies)

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