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... I honestly truly think she hasn't actually physically cheated on me. And yes I will say I find it odd that three people from the same work place all came on to my girlfriend around the same time. ... (12 replies)
... romantic comedies are bad. I will also say I don't know what I'm really looking for out of this post, I know people can only do so much without actually knowing me and seeing my situation first hand. I suppose I just need to vent or something. ... (16 replies)
... ve in together, as my roomates were leaving and so were hers, and it just so happened our leases ended near the same date. We thought it was all perfect. She had cheated on me once, but we were basically on a "break" during that time, yet it still bothered me. I still moved in with her ... ... (4 replies)

... mail, saying that he didn't want a girlfriend at that time. He actually had started a relationship with his nephew's former girlfriend, 3 days after the nephew and the girlfriend broke up. ... (6 replies)
... Ive been with my girlfriend for about 3 months and we have had our fair share of problems which included her breaking up with me for no reason and then the fact that she wouldnt introduce me as her boyfriend to her family at her party which she blamed on her 'culture'. ... (25 replies)
... My name is Mark. I am from the US and I am 20 years old. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year now and let me just say it has been up and down the entire time but not for reasons that you may think. ... (13 replies)
Have I Cheated?
Nov 26, 2007
... So not only did you mess around on your gf with her friend and screw her over, you also messed with your friends wife, and screwed him. ... (22 replies)
... He would always say he misses me and would ask questions like when he could meet my mother. He would also joke about when we got married and have kids. ... (3 replies)
... Hey thanks yes i know its hard to believe, and its very true about everything you said, and i appreciate it, very much, Luckily, There isnt anything she can bag me on because i was a nice guy, who treated her as well as can be and always trusted each other, but lacked communication, i think we both fel into a comfort trap, and couldnt get out of it, but your right he more i... (37 replies)
... Eric...You have so many of the same threads on here. Here is the breakdown...She left you. It doesnt matter why. If she wanted to be your girlfriend she would be...but she chose not to be. It doesnt matter if it was due to lack of love, for someone else, or a need for freedom. My guess? ... (37 replies)
Thinking of ex...
Nov 16, 2011
... Kszan gave you excellent advice, on destroying everything that sends you back in time. as she usually always does! ... (15 replies)
Is this ok?
Mar 10, 2006
... Ive gained my closure but it hurts so bad when i think all he was doing for the last two months was waiting for his current girlfriend to breakup with her boyfriend... ... (22 replies)
Have I Cheated?
Nov 26, 2007
... i'd have to agree that depression is no excuse for cheating on your significant other. i have been through some terrible times too where i have been down in the dumps and couldnt care about life. ... (22 replies)
... don't know whether I'm looking for advice or just looking for a way to vent. My mind is driving me's wearing me thinner and thinner and I'm at my wit's end. ... (7 replies)
... I was in love with a guy who swore he was totally over his ex girlfriend, the first real love he ever had, whom he said he would have married if she hadn't cheated on him and left him and broken his heart. He had many things she gave him, but he was particular about a gold bracelet she had given him. ... (51 replies)
Am I to blame?
Jan 31, 2006
... ressed I meet the man of my dreams I love him to death and I know he loves me. Sounds like everything is fine and it may seem like that to people who didn't know me well. But for the past two months my life has been nothing but hell. Now alot of you will agree that I'm wrong and I'm willing to take that cause I need to vent. ... (6 replies)
... with that minor hiccup when he broke up with her. In the time between we talked and he went back to her, in an email conversation he for some reason admitted to me that he cheated on her 5 times in the month of June. ... (28 replies)
... nd we were great. Three months in he got depressed and was seeing therapists and stuff. He hated everything including our relationship. He didnt know if he loved me anymore because he had no feelings from the depression. I stuck with him and a year later he got better. ... (8 replies)
... I've had to take several deep breaths before actually responding to this thread, which BTW, has me amazed. ... (42 replies)
... Thanks for the reply, you made me think of some different things. I had only one relationship no sex before him. He had many and i am sure there are a few i don't know of. ... (16 replies)

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