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... ink you should stop feeling sorry for her because she put herself in this position with her own actions. It's time for you guys just to stop all contact and move on at this point. Hanging on is unhealthy for both of you. ... (75 replies)
... She says, she says, she says. I'd put very little value on what she "says", particularly with her history of lying. ... (75 replies)
... Had a long chat with her yesterday, lots of tears. She sounds suicidal and has even been to a doctor who says she is depressed. On top of that her parents think she needs to see a psychiatrist. ... (75 replies)

... esteem is low enough that making them happy is their only reason to exist. Selfish people pick up on that and use it to their own advantage. ... (75 replies)
... husband to a deserving woman...but you're choosing to waste your wonderfulness on someone who doesn't appreciate it, who only wants to use you to her own selfish advantage. ... (75 replies)
... That's great. A good next step would be to end all contact with the ex. See, as long as you continue contact you can't move on. You will continue to hope that your ex will "change", that she will "learn from her mistakes". And as long as you hope those things you aren't really available to the new girl or anyone else. (75 replies)
... Thank you very much, I do believe I am moving on and have not been horrible to my ex or tried to get my pay back, I have left with my head held high and on good terms from my part. Therefore if we were ever to get back together I have kept my reputation intact. ... (75 replies)
... thanks for the update outlandish. You know it sounds like you are starting to move on and are going through a sort of mourning for your old relationship and that's actually pretty healthy. ... (75 replies)
... yes I believe people can change but if your ex was really happy with you then she wouldn't have been so quick to try moving on to another relationship but moving on just hasn't panned out for her the way she thought it would, if it had she wouldn't have given you a second thought. ... (75 replies)
... together. They were going to be really happy but then he got the diagnosis and now all those plans have come to a screeching halt. Now the thing he keeps telling me is "It's later than you think.". ... (75 replies)
... First off, I'm really sorry for all the turmoil you're going through but honestly, you bring much of this on yourself. ... (75 replies)
... i have messed up again. i was askig him he has ever cheated on me over and over again even though i know he hasn't. i am getting withdrawals for not taking my pills. ... (13 replies)
... Cheating once, depending on circumstances and how much you have invested in the relationship could possibly be worked through and forgiven. ... (13 replies)
... she cheated on me with a friend, and it was like having my insides ripped out. Of course, now I have the benefit of looking back and realizing how mismatched we were anyway. ... (6 replies)
... f and his ex talk.However,you're keeping tabs on his cellphone,what gives? ... (13 replies)
... Ok, so i have been cheated on alot in the past and due to that fact, i have a hard time trusting people. ... (13 replies)
... But you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go on with your life. You have to, for your daughter. Teach her by example what a strong woman is. ... (48 replies)
... I agree with the last poster. In addition, if I wanted to sabotage somebody's relationship, I would do the same as your "friend"; wait until the GF is not in a position to rebut or defend herself, and you have time to let suspicion really fester, so by the time you do see her, you are ready to believe anything! did you say that this 'friend' had tried to break you up before -... (12 replies)
... I would not be accusing with her. You still don't even know if all of this is true! I'd wait until she is settled like, give her a day or so and let her get re-acclimated to the time difference. As someone who has travelled to Europe I can tell you from personal experience that it takes a few days to get your bearings back after being gone that long! When you do bring it... (12 replies)
... This is the best thing you could have possibly done for your girlfriend in this situation, and trust me, I'm sure she realizes it. The fact that you would be so honest with her is not lost on her, I'm sure. ... (65 replies)

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