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... things werent all that rosey posey. He cheated on you. Thatd make me get over the love of my life in an INSTANT! ... (8 replies)
... ugh stages of seeing them just as friends and then sometimes seeing them in a different light. However, I would only be inclined to talk about another girl to my girlfriend if our relationship was totally innocent. ... (54 replies)
... sorry' about cheating with Ex and that she 'didn't know why she did it' and she 'won't do it again'. That's what Jerry told me anyway... ... (6 replies)

... getting numbers, searching online for women, etc. i see it everywhere! even the couples that look so happy or has a beautiful girlfriend, i will find out later on what this guy is doing behind her back. i was cheated on and i'm postive that i dont even know half of all that went on and i honestly dont want to. ... (19 replies)
... child.....there are always conditions on love.....are you telling me you would love him regardless if he cheated on you or molested children? ... (22 replies)
... i would do, is actually meet him. and once youve actually met him tell her. you have more evidence. what are you going to say, ive been talking to your boyfriend on the net? ... (34 replies)
... Recently, out of pure chance, I met a man online on a forum. We haven't actually met yet, but had planned to meet when he came up here on a business trip. We haven't been talking long. ... (34 replies)
... boards when i was 17 or 18 and when i was with this guy because alot of advice your getting is good and i wouldnt of been with him for 2 years and wasted my life on him. ... (71 replies)
Feb 19, 2007
... this is gonna be long i have to explain in detail so i can get the right advice. well ill start from the beginning my bf has a ex girlfriend that has his daughter shell be 5 in afew months. well when they were togther she always cheated on him they were togther for about 5 or 6 months. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry to hear of your situation. I can chime in here because I've been the same situation with my girlfriend personally trying to make me jealous. I also found out later in our relationship, like you, that she had been with another man during the early, casual part of our relationship. ... (2 replies)
... First of all, shame on your brother for hooking you up with a cheater! How well did your brother know this guy before providing him with your phone number? ... (10 replies)
... ssages. If my boyfriend did that, I'd be mad. Not because I have anything to hide, but because it's an invasion of privacy. I would think that he didn't trust me if he just grabbed my phone and started reading my messages. ... (6 replies)
... He prioritized friends over at least two of his past girlfriends. From what I understand these were some serious issues too. The last girlfriend that he broke up with said to him "you know, I always knew there was something weird about you, you have weird friends. ... (39 replies)
... It isn't like he told her he was alone he told her he was with you! His "GIRLFRIEND". After all of that I would have probably lied about the pic on the phone too. After a couple of months you got him to admit it? ... (30 replies)
... He doesn't see that he hurt me because it was with a stripper and it was paid for. ... (77 replies)
... I know how you feel because sometimes I have trouble trusting my boyfriend. He cheated on his ex wife and that's why they divorced. So, sometimes I think he may do that to me too. ... (6 replies)
... I think it's just a growing process. Like everyone here on these boards say, never make another person responsible for your happiness. ... (9 replies)
... I am normally on the thyroid board discussing my goofy thyroid and was browsing and happened to see this post and just wanted to add my story. ... (7 replies)
Feb 14, 2006
... I have been going out with my girlfriend for over a year now, but in the last couple of weeks things have become very shaky. ... (3 replies)
Frustrated & Lost
Aug 24, 2005
... f going on 6 years now. We have had the best of times and the worst of times but still managed to somehow stay together don't know how. ... (2 replies)

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