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... has a right to say anything because you don't live together and that is driving her a little batty. Just a thought. I love the computer and ex hated it. Biggest argument we had. I would never think to take it on a date to a restraunt. ... (67 replies)
... I agree with you.I think your personalities are mismatched also.Now comes the hard part.How do you breakup with someone that is suicidal?:eek: (67 replies)
... I suspect that perhaps some of your attitudes came from the way you were raised. You mentioned that your mother got in a huge argument with your father while she was recovering from cancer treatment. ... (67 replies)

... I seem to get into these arguments with my girlfriend over ridiculous things. ... (67 replies)
... and I have grown up soooo embarassed by my lack of ability to control my emotions. I remember crying when I failed tests in school, crying when a teacher yelled at me, crying when kids would tease me for crying, etc. etc. ... (67 replies)
... I agree if you cannot handle a woman crying, you definately dont want to marry a woman who is very sensitive... did you ever think that she may have been crying because you hurt her feelings? ... (67 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 to 6 months now...he is Bipolar 2, im sure you are aware that there is a bipolar 1 and a bipolar 2. It is impossible to even talk to him when he decides to stop taking his meds. I know exactly how your son is feeling. Im only 18 years old but any questions you have, ill be glad to answer. (2 replies)
... How about a 100% agreement on getting therpy himself. I did and it was the best money i've spent in regards to this issue of MI. (2 replies)
... My son and his girlfriend have gone to their second therapy session. She is bipolar and they have a 9 month old son together. ... (2 replies)
... you say that your mom has only cried a few times in her life, well thats all that you know. your mom could have been crying in her room, i mean... why would a mother let her son see her when shes weak? ... (67 replies)
... I feel the same way about environmental issues and wouldnt consider using a bag unless it was absolutely necessary, but it wouldn’t even occur to me to tell my bf if and when he could use a bag - that's his choice. It’s highly unlikely she was crying and sobbing simply because you opposed her getting a bag for the sauce; lets get real here. What you've got to... (67 replies)
... rational and very black and white, but by no means an emotional robot. The girlfriend seems sensitive and a bit immature. ... (67 replies)
... As for the crying, I can understand that women tend to be more emotional and may shed a few tears when upset. But prolonged crying and sobbing over a minor grievance is just too much to handle. ... (67 replies)
... Sorry to revive this old thread, but I just wanted to post something now that it really seems over between us. Since my last post, we had been together again for a while, with things fairly normal. Yesterday evening, I had arranged to meet a refugee I know through a charity for a coffee at Starbucks. When my (ex) gf called to see what I was doing, I suggested that she come and... (67 replies)
... I guess that's not going to happen now. I can't believe it ended over a plastic bag argument and because I spent too much time at Starbucks. ... (67 replies)
... I feel very strongly about the whole recycling thing too. It drives me crazy that people would rather use plastic bags at the grocery store than get a paper bag that you can put more in and recycle when you are done. Our society has become very wasteful. I'm not going to dispute whether or not your snatching it back was justified or not. Litte things like this do happen in... (67 replies)
... Then she started crying again and I kept asking what was wrong. Was she mad at me? ... (67 replies)
... The post above pretty much covers it - I definitely think your gf's reaction (specifically the pulling hair/hitting head/I don't want to live) was borderline-FREAKY. Totally inappropriate. I agree that crying, and sometimes weeping, during an arguement on a particularly hormonal or stressful day is not uncommon for most women. Even when I'm angry my stupid eyes well up! I... (67 replies)
... I'm in agreement with the others that crying in and of itself is not the problem, and you really need to lighten up on that because that's what women do. We cry when we get upset. Deal with it! ... (67 replies)
... YOU always refuse to use plastic bags! Your girlfriend is NOT you and is allowed to have her own thoughts, choices and opinions. ... (67 replies)

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